Business and Management

Business and management degrees are incredibly popular in the world both among undergraduate and graduate students. Universities provide hundreds of different programs and specializations in this field including finance, business administration, economics, marketing and many others. Graduate programs are usually more focused, while undergraduate ones give students a chance to choose between various classes in different fields.

MBA programs differ from ordinary graduate programs in other fields. These are professional programs for those who already have some work experience (usually between 3 and 5 years) and is eager to gain new professional skills. MBA programs are typically highly competitive in terms of admission, but provide great career opportunities for its graduates.

However, MBA program is not the only chance to get graduate degree in business and management: in the last years many universities created master’s programs with no work experience requirements, which are suitable for recent college graduates. These programs are especially popular among those who didn’t study economics or business on the undergraduate level. Undergraduate degree in economics, business or related field is usually not a requirement for these master’s programs. Universities often admit students from various backgrounds to diversify its student body. That is why candidates with undergraduate degrees in Mathematics or History may be successfully admitted to these programs.

Business and management degrees are in high demand in modern economy: almost all leading companies hire recent graduates with business and management degrees. The range of potential career paths is quite large: depending on the focus of the program, but also on students’ preferences, graduates usually choose between business consultancy, banking, management, accounting and marketing. Slightly less popular destinations include hospitality, tax regulation, insurance companies etc.

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most popular Business & Economics programs

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