Adviser Alesya


Consultation cost: $60 (4 603 RUB /26 125 KZT)

Experience verified, interview conducted

Consultation questions: Bachelor's program abroad, Master's program abroad, Funding for studying abroad (scholarships, grants, discounts), International exams (IELTS, TOEFL, SAT/ACT, GMAT/GRE...), Volunteering, Summer schools, Internships, Further work on client's enrolment;

Fields of study for consultation: Intercultural Communication, Peace and conflict studies, Public Policy;

Consultation country: Belarus, Singapore, Norway;

Citizenship: Belarus;

Education: Belarus: , 2013 - 2018, Intercultural Communication, Bachelor; Norway: University of Oslo, 2019 - 2019, Peace and conflict studies, Certificate; Singapore: National University of Singapore, 2021 - 2023, Public Policy, Master;

Certificates: IELTS 7.5;

The language spoken by the adviser: English, Russian, German;

Consultation language: English, Russian;

The greatest achievement: Scholarship for the International Summer School at the University of Oslo, Eastern Partnership CSO Fellow 2019, Scholarship for the Masters in Public Policy at the National University in Singapore.

Story about myself: Hello! I can be your mentor for obtaining a master's degree in Singapore and moving to Asia! I have experience of studying in Norway and volunteering in EU. I can help you enter a university, find an internship/job, and get settled in these countries. I completed my Bachelor's degree in Belarus in 2013, and then implemented several educational projects both at the local and international levels. In 2021, I entered the Master's program at the National University of Singapore. I have always handled the collection of documents and the application process on my own. I have passed IELTS and TOEFL, my latest IELTS result was 7.5. All this was necessary for me to enter the National University of Singapore for the "Public Policy" programme with a full scholarship from the Singaporean government. I can tell you about the life here, help you build your strategy for entering universities, preparing documents, passing IELTS and TOEFL, and share my resources for finding education abroad!

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