What languages are worth learning for the future

Open yourself to job opportunities all around the world and put your efforts in learning the hottest, trendiest and the most desired languages! Acquisition of one of the most wanted languages will not only bring you career-wise advantages. Learning another language improves your memory, extends the attention span, and reduces the risk of age-related cognitive decline. Moreover, you will be culturally richer, and aware of international traditions. Foreign languages open the door to art, music, dance, fashion, cuisine, film, philosophy, science created by a different culture.

Below we described must-to-be-learned languages in the upcoming few years. Boost your career, and open yourself to new possibilities with these exotic communication systems!


Russian is definitely a language you should give a try! As one of the world’s most spoken languages (over 160 million people!) is extremely useful when it comes to traveling, looking for work and education opportunities. Russia is the biggest country in the world (twice bigger than Canada!), hat crosses 11 time zones. It’s an endless source of inspiration and adventures!

Many countries such as Belarus and Kyrgyzstan, use Russian as an official language. Besides, many post-Soviet countries use Russian vocabulary. Whenever you visit western Europe or Balkans, knowledge of Russian can save your life!

If you’re a book lover you would totally love to read Pushkin, Dostoyevsky, and Tolstoy in the original language, wouldn't you? Learning Russian will enable you to know more about Russian history, habits and understand the complexity of this marvelous culture.

Once you finally decide to give a try to this fascinating language, you can meet two obstacles. First one will be the Cyrillic alphabet, but you have to know that with a little dedication these 33 letters are extremely easy to conquer! The second and bigger obstacle can be gramma! Some of the rules may sound ridiculous and seem to have no sense! Don’t worry, once you spend some time, you will get it, and no declensions or the perfective and imperfective forms of the verbs will be no barriers.

There are many schools and courses that provide Russian courses. Make sure to try out Russian language summer and winter schools in some of the countries that use Russian. It will allow you to improve your communication skills with native speakers.


Interesting fact: when you travel to Iran you will call it Farsi, in Afghanistan is called as Dari and in Tajikistan - Tajik. Persian is a particularly important language of the Middle East and Central Asia, spoken by over 100 million people.

Persian itself is an Indo-European language that through centuries has been heavily influenced by Arabic. The language may seem to be a bit challenging, especially for Roman-languages speakers but it’s way more accessible than it looks!

Persian has remarkably simple grammar. There is no gender, no noun inflection, no adjectival agreement, and no irregularities in verbal conjugation! Many students after a year of studying are able to have a proper discussion and read some of the wonderful Persian poetry.

If you are wondering if Persian is worth learning, just listen to it online - you will fall in love with this soft and poetic language that sounds like a song!

Knowing Persian can bring many benefits: it opens the door to a very old, and beautiful history, can help in learning Arabic and it’s spoken in many countries. Moreover, Iran is one of the most prominent countries across the Middle East with excellent job opportunities in international organizations.

Don't wait and enroll yourself for Persian language courses!


The first hint: Mandarin-Chinese is the most wanted language ever! Spoken by over a billion people worldwide makes it extremely desired for big companies that want to enter the Asian market. Over the last 40 years, China becomes the largest global economy, and Western countries thrive employees who speak Mandarin-Chinese!

Mandarin will be useful to find a job, educational occasion and travel not only in China. It happens that it’s widely spoken in countries such as Malaysia, Taiwan, Singapore, Indonesia, Thailand, Brunei, the Philippines, and Mongolia.

Although learning how to write Chinese characters may look challenging, many linguists admit that it’s not as difficult as it seems. There are over 50 000 characters in the modern dictionary, but it's said that an educated Chinese person knows only around 8 000 of them! To read the newspaper you need to memorize about 2500 characters! Not that bad right?

Chinese is described as a Grammarly-easy language. There are no verbs, no plurals, no tenses, and no conjugation. To become fluent, you will need to spend over 2000 class hours, so don’t delay and start immediately!


You may have noticed that Arabic culture is booming in Eastern world! That is why you should consider signing up for a summer school and learn this Southern-Central Semitic language.

Arabic is currently in high demand. U.S. government agencies are seeking proficient Arabic speakers now more than ever. Learning Arabic will help you in getting a government career, and any industry in business, engineering, medical, nonprofit and international relations.

There are over 300 million Arabic speakers worldwide! 25 countries claim Arabic as their official language, among others: Algeria, Egypt, Lebanon, Morocco, United Arab Emirates, and Yemen. And all of these countries have a rapidly growing economy, that needs educated foreigners.

Arabic is so fashionable to learn that even DuoLingo just introduced a new course in the app! Then.. what are you waiting for? Terrified by the alphabet that is written from right to left? No worries, the Arabic script includes only 28 letters (nothing in comparison with 50 000 Chinese characters, right?).

According to FSI, to learn Arabic you will need around 2000 class hours. Even though it is said to be one of the most difficult languages for English speakers to learn, being able to use it during travels to Africa will be an extremely rewarding pleasure!

Once you learn Arabic, it will be easier to start studying many other languages that share vocabulary, sounds, and grammar. Farsi, Turkish, and Urdu will come with a breeze!


Armenian is not as widely spoken as languages described above but knowing it can bring many benefits. Most importantly, Armenia is opening its doors to foreign investors by creating space for many start-ups and companies technology oriented. If you are a developer you should totally take Armenia under consideration while looking for a job.

The country is relatively cheap, and extremely welcoming, especially when locals hear you speaking their language. Armenians have a rich and interesting history, that deserves to be discovered.

Armenian may be difficult to learn. The language has a very special and unusual pronunciation - something between Russian and French. But the grammar of Armenian is quite easy and logical. There are barely any exceptions, no gender differentiation, and tenses are simple to understand.

What makes Armenian very unique is the alphabet. It was invented by Mesrop Mashtots in the 5th century, and it’s used till today! The alphabet contains 39 beautiful letters. The acquisition of the system may be challenging, but extremely rewarding!

There are only a few handbooks to study Armenian, so if you are interested in learning it, check out Armenian language courses in Yerevan and practice your language with native speakers!


Georgia is just coming out of a very long sleep! The country is particularly popular among tourists because of the mountain landscape that attracts hiking lovers. This magical land is becoming more and more popular for Western companies that decide to invest their capital and open offices and factories over there.

Georgia puts many efforts in the integration with the European Union, so many governmental and business projects are all about to launch very soon! Step up your language game with this mysterious South Caucasian language, and be a part of this great development.

Georgian has its own alphabet, that can be terrifying at the beginning. The language has a stereotype to be very complicated and hard to learn. Try to look at it as a challenge! The only obstacle you can meet on the way to fluency is the grammar, particularly the verb system. Also, Georgian has around 18 dialects, so make sure that your teacher is a standard Georgian speaker!

Wrap up

Learning one of the most wanted languages such as Arabic, Persian, Chinese, Russian, Armenian or Georgian will boost your value in the job market. It can enhance one’s opportunities to find an awesome job in the fields of government, business, medicine, law, technology, military, industry, and marketing.

Since many of these languages are fairly challenging to learn, it will improve your motor skills, boost your brain abilities, and creativity. Keep your mind sharp and start studying today!

Language acquisition takes time and it's exhausting, but there is nothing more rewarding than being able to write, understand and verbalize your thoughts in a foreign language.