Digital Art degree

Digital Art degree

If you are interested in animation, graphic design, or creating computer games, you can get all the necessary skills by getting a Bachelor's degree in Digital Art. Digital Art is usually understood as Digital painting and installations, and sometimes digital photography.


The main received by education  in the field of Digital Art skill of course is digital artistic skill. But besides Digital Art, students also gain a strong background in animation and design, develop imagination and creativity, learn to work in a team, and cope with deadlines.

Career options for Digital Art graduates

Graduates holding a Bachelor degree in Digital Art can find a prospective and interesting job in many fields, for example, graphic design, animation or game design. Graduates also receive enough skill to start their own successful startup. The list of professions available for Digital Art graduates includes: concept artist, 3D and 2D animator, storyboard, game designer,  game developer, texture artist, animation director and many others.

After completing a Bachelor  degree in Digital Art, graduates can continue their education or apply for a Master’s study program in Animation, Design or any other related disciplines.

Study programs

You can find several study programs in Digital Art using our website, for example, MArt Digital Art or BA Digital Arts (Hons) in University of Kent at Canterbury, UK, or MA Animation and Digital Arts in University of Southern California, USA. You can find more study programs in Digital Arts using our Search.




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