Horse Internship, USA, Texas

ВолонтерствоThe Wild Horse Foundation is a shelter for abused and abandoned horses, situated in Texas. The mission of the Wild Horse Foundation is to take care about abandoned and weak horses and to train them.

Undergraduate students, who are interested in working with horses are welcome to participate in horse internship. The internship lasts 10 weeks during summer holidays. The participants will be helping with daily horse care and ranch operations, assisting with weekend horseback camping rides and taking part in wild horse identification.

The Wild Horse Foundation provides accommodation for interns, but the work is conducted on a volunteer basis.


  1.  Undergraduate students who finished at least their first year in a university;
  2.  Students who wish to star their career in veterinary medicine, animal behavior, wildlife management or ethology;
  3. People studying animal science, animal behavior, ethology, or pre-veterinary medicine (optional);
  4. People who worked with horses before.

The main criteria is academic merit, experience in working with horses and your future career expectations.

How to apply

If you wish to apply to this internship, you should download the application form here and send it via regular mail to:

Susan Calhoun

Wild Horse Foundation

P.O. Box 692

Franklin, Texas 77856

Attn: Internship

All applications must be submitted before March 1, 2017.

You can submit your questions about the program on the official website of the Wild Horse Foundation 

Some further information about this internship and a list of other horse internships can be found here 



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