International Master of Creative Industries 2017, Australia

International Master of Creative Industries 2017, Australia

If you ever wished to know how to transform your ideas into a commercial product, if you are interested in working in the dynamic creative industries sector, if you want to develop your creative skills, then The University of Newcastle, Australia, invites you to get a Master’s Degree of Creative Industries. The Master of Creative Industries is an amazing chance for creators and innovators to explore ideas and turn them into commercial endeavors.

Students will complete courses related to the development, realization and presentation of innovative creative projects, but other courses, such as creative writing, design or music, are also available.

If you wish to admit to the Master’s Degree of Creative Industries, you should have a Bachelor Degree in a creative discipline, also you need a relevant work experience.

You can process you application online or email the organizers: The applications close in 13th February 2017.

The University of Newcastle also provides scholarship for international students. The amount of scholarship is $30,105 and it covers the cost of tuition fees for one, full-time year of the program. If you wish to apply for the Scholarship, you have to satisfy the following requirements:

  1. Be eligible for entry to the Master of Creative Industries program as a as a full-fee paying International student.
  2. Be enrolled full-time
  3. Have a GPA of 6 or higher in a previous undergraduate degree; or a degree with equivalent work experience (and ability to proof it with a work portfolio and other documentation)
  4. Have an IELTS of 6.5 with no subtest lower than 6.0 (or equivalent).

 Click here to learn more about the scholarship.

Please visit the official website for further information.





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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Domestic students: $ 11.4k / 1 year
  • International students: $ 17.7k / 1 year
  • Ranking:
  • 1981 StudyQA
  • Duration:
  • 3 years
    University of Newcastle-upon-Tyne logo
    • Tuition Fee:
    • Domestic students: $ 7.3k / год
    • International students: $ 19.6k / год
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