StudyQA — Digest of opportunities for Ukrainian scientists and students

Digest of opportunities for Ukrainian scientists and students

Scholarships for Scholars Who Lost Their Jobs

Open Society University Network offers fellowships for scholars who have lost their academic positions or are unable to remain in their home countries because of threats or actions by authoritarian regimes, persecution for their views or identity, or other risks. Fellowship may include teaching, research, writing and other creative activities, as well as participation in the academic and cultural life of the host institutions and the broader OSUN community.

Research Group for Students in PhD Programs in Belgium

Professor Janis Pontikes invites PhD students from any university in Ukraine to join his research group at KU Leuven. The work is devoted to metallurgy of building materials. You can email him to apply.

UNE Mentor Initiative for at-risk scientists/students/cultural workers from Eastern Europe

The University of New Europe (UNE) is helping at-risk scientists from Ukraine, as well as scientists from Russia and Belarus, find housing/creative leave/fellowship/grant options. They offer mentors and participants a list of relevant resources and links to help and get started. All you need to do to participate is register for a UNE emergency consultation/question-and-answer meeting on this program on March 15.

Research Continuation Grant from Sweden

Researchers from Ukraine can apply for a SEK 30,000 grant to continue their research.

Helping students continue their studies in Germany

A group of German scientists is gathering information on those who have been forced to stop their studies in Ukraine. They will share the data with universities to enable them to continue their studies abroad.

Semester Scholarships at Tel Aviv University

In the name of academic freedom and in solidarity with the Ukrainian people, Tel Aviv University (TAU) has established an emergency fund to support research students from Ukraine. TAU can accept up to 20 research students from Ukrainian universities in all disciplines for a full semester. During their stay, the fellows will have the opportunity to continue their research through collaboration with leading TAU scholars.

Paid vacancies for students and scholars in Poland

QOT UW offers paid positions for scientists, technicians and students. Professionals are accepted in the following fields: physics, engineering, electronics and IT. To apply please send an email.

Six-month internship for physicists in Japan

Professor Sile Nic Chormaic is offering a six-month internship for a physics scientist in Japan. Research on cold atoms, optical entrapment or nano-optics. She can be contacted via Twitter or Facebook.

Scholarship from the Israeli Academy of Sciences for scientists

The Israeli Academy of Sciences expresses grave concern about the continuing deterioration of the situation in Ukraine.  As an immediate response, they are offering up to ten scholarships for Ukrainian researchers during the year to enable them to continue their scientific work in Israel.

Scholarships to study in Taiwan

The National Taiwanese University of the Oceans has launched a scholarship program for Ukrainians who would like to pursue a master's degree while extending residency status in response to unstable conditions in Ukraine.

Vacancies in Florence

The University of Florence has a job opening for a postdoc who focuses on the topic of Saline Agriculture. The contract is for one year with the possibility of renewal for another year.

Deadline: March 31.

Special "Peace Scholarships" for boys from Ukraine

Thanks to the support of the British Catholic Boys Educational Trust, Chavagnes International College is offering up to 20 places for boys from Ukraine to study there for the rest of the school year. If your son is 11 to 17 years old and is currently trying to leave Ukraine, or if you are already in Poland, Hungary, Slovakia or another neighboring country, they can help.

Temporary housing, food, medicine and scholarships for refugees from Ukraine

The nonprofit Institute for Education, Research and Scholarships (IFERS) in Los Angeles, California, works with U.S. and international organizations to provide food, shelter, medical care and scholarships for refugees in Poland, Romania and Moldova.

Study Scholarships at Anglo-American University

Anglo-American University offers 10 scholarships for Ukrainian applicants. The scholarship covers tuition, living expenses, and out-of-pocket expenses. AAU will announce when the application process for scholarships for refugees from Ukraine will begin, along with all eligibility and admission requirements, on its website. Until this process is up and running, please do not apply for scholarships as they will not be processed.

R.H. Douglas Scholarship

Scholarship to study at the world's best universities in law, business and public service. Available to applicants from Ukraine, Poland and Bulgaria.

Scholarships from the Guild of European Research Universities

The Guild's universities provide support to enable Ukrainian researchers, scholars, university staff and students to continue their lives, work and careers to the best of their abilities in traumatic circumstances.

Funding for Ukrainian Refugee Scholars

The Volkswagen Foundation wants to support Ukrainian scientists in temporarily continuing their scientific work in Germany. It offers doctoral students, postdocs and established scientists from all disciplines the opportunity to continue their work in a research group at a university or research institute in Germany for 6-12 months. Applications must be submitted jointly by university administrators and host scientists in Germany.

British Council Scholarships for Women in STEM

For the second year in a row, the British Council has launched a scholarship program in partnership with 26 British universities to help women from the Americas, South Asia, Southeast Asia, Egypt, Turkey and Ukraine. We are looking for women with STEM experience who can demonstrate their need for financial support and who want to inspire future generations of women to pursue STEM careers.

Deadline: April 10.

Support for transfer students from Vilnus University

Each case is different and is evaluated by the commission of each academic program separately, so please email expressing your interest in studying at Vilnius University and attach any relevant information (your academic program, academic year), if possible, a university transcript with your academic subjects and grades.

Support for the Creative Community of Ukraine

The creative community in the UK has organized financial support for Ukrainian artists, painters, etc. To apply, you need to email.

Deadline: March 12

Scholarships from the Estonian Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The ministry is offering two full scholarships for graduate students from Ukraine and Georgia. The scholarship covers tuition fees for 4 semesters and out-of-pocket expenses of 400 euros.

To apply, you need to write an email

Opportunities abroad for Ukrainian law students

The Junior Arbitration League has compiled opportunities for those who are studying law and want to continue their studies in Europe. It regularly updates information so that you can see as many current offers from specialized law firms/universities/organizations as possible.

Support for Ukrainian students from Hebrew University of Jerusalem

In a demonstration of solidarity, HUJI offers academic hosting and scholarships to students and researchers from Ukraine. Ukrainian master's and doctoral students and faculty are invited to continue their research at HUJI for up to four months. Undergraduate students from Ukraine can apply to the Rothberg International School at the Hebrew University of Jerusalem. Scholarships and free accommodation are available.

Opportunities to continue your studies in Israel.

Technion - Israel Institute of Technology opens its doors for undergraduate and graduate students, postgraduates and teachers from Ukraine.

Ukrainian Scholarship Program from Sun Pacific College

SPC will award "Full 12wks Scholarships" to 10 students from Ukraine to use in 2022 to study English. Students must be citizens of Ukraine who have recently resided in Ukraine. SPC may extend the offer depending on placement availability.

Scholarships from Mohoy-Nadia University of Art and Design

In response to current events in Ukraine, the Mohoy-Nadia University of Art and Design Foundation is opening the university's doors and dormitories to refugees, providing housing and meals to those in need. They will also provide access to their current courses, offer special scholarships and organize creative workshops for families.  You can contact MOME at.

Scholarships from MCI | The Entrepreneurial School

MCI | The Entrepreneurial School offers 10 scholarships of €15,000 per year to reduce tuition costs. There is also an opportunity for an internship. For more information, send an email.