Sport Marketing

Sport Marketing in one of the branches of marketing which aim is promotion and advertising of sports events and teams. Some sports marketers also promote participation in sports activities to public. Sports marketers also work with the promotion of sports goods, for example, clothing or footwear.

Graduates holding a degree in Sport Marketing can apply for a variety of jobs besides sport marketer, for example, sport agent or brand manager.

Program structure

Usually Sport Marketing is taught as a two-year Masters Degree. Students are usually get knowledge and skills in the following list of subjects: sports sponsorship, public research, advertising, digital marketing, sport organisation. Usually study programs in Sport Marketing include an internship in one of various sports companies.

Sometimes Sport Marketing is taught as a specialization of Marketing in undergraduate study program in  Marketing. Sport Marketing is also one of the specialization of Bachelor of Business Administration study programs.

Some courses in Sport Marketing (either degree or non-degree) can be completed online.

Entry requirements

Those who wish to apply for one of the Master of Arts study programs in Sport Marketing need to complete a Bachelor of equivalent undergraduate degree in Marketing or relevant area (for example, Public Research). Sometimes a work experience is required or would be a strong advantage.

All applicants should demonstrate language proficiency if they applying for a study program which is taught in English.

Study programs

You can find a variety of study programs in Sport Marketing by using our website, for example, MA Sport Marketing in Coventry University, UK, or BBA in Sport Management and Marketing in Geneva Business School,  Switzerland.



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