Student's plagiarism

Student's plagiarismDue to proliferation of Internet technologies, many universities faced with such huge educational problem like plagiarism. More and more students would have no such qualms about presenting other people's research reports as their own insight. Professors in universities claim that this situation harms the quality of education and reduces the level of students ' knowledge.

However, what do the students think about plagiarism? Philip Newton, an associate professor in Swansea University's College of Medicine conducted a survey on this topic recently. He asked about 600 young people from across the disciplines - is it acceptable to use of plagiarism in scientific research.

According to the survey, 86% of students told that using another's works are permissible within reasonable limits. 4 % of interviewee think that the appropriation of the works should be strictly prohibited and the remaining 10% of respondents do not see in this phenomenon something wrong.

Students opinion about punishment for plagiarism are also divided: 47 % think that the punishment should be less severe than the scientific universities applies at this moment; 10% decided that the presentation other work as their own should lead to immediate exclusion.; 12 % of interviewee told that the fair punishment for plagiarism is a reprimand or fine; 31% of respondents agreed that scientific work based on other people's ideas and rewritten in your own words may remain unpunished.

According to the Professor Newton, the most effective way to reduce the number of unfair works is to adhere severe punishment, because it is the best tool in suppression against fraud in the learning process.




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