Quintin Hogg Trust Scholarship in Westminster Business School

Quintin Hogg Trust Scholarship in Westminster Business SchoolThe Quintin Hogg Trust and the University of Westminster Graduate School will offer MPhil/PhD Scholarships in Westminster Business School to three international candidates. The program lasts three years and starts in September of 2017. During the program, you will have an opportunity to do your own researches in any areas related to accounting, finance and economics, business and management, human resource management, marketing and education. In addition, candidates are required to undertake up to six hours teaching per week as a part of programme.

The Scholarships include an annual stipend of £16,000 and a fee waiver.

Applicants should have a Master’s Degree, speak English fluently and be ready to proof it with IELTS certificate or others. Your IELTS score must be 7.0 or more. The list of acceptable tests and expected scores can be found here 

An application for an MPhil/PhD programme can be made online. If you wish to get the Quintin Hogg Trust Scholarship, you need to apply for one of the MPhil/PhD programmes from the certain list, which can be found on the official website. In addition, you should mention that you are pretenting to the Quintin Hogg Trust Scholarship. You will be required to upload the following list of documents:

  1. Research proposal;
  2. Copies of all your relevant qualification certificates and transcripts;
  3. IELTS or TOEFL certificates;
  4. Two academic references.

Application process should be finished until February 10, 2017.

Please visit the official website for details.




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