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Australia is a good destination for those students who want to get new experience and a world class education in English. Numerous institutions provide more that 22000 courses in various areas and fields of studies. Australia is the 3rd popular country in the world among the international students with more that 2,500,000 international alumni all over the world. 8 out of 100 best universities in the world are Australian (according to QS ranking) and the Australian institutions have brilliant reputation in the world.

International students may apply to Bachelor, Master and Doctoral programs. The length of study may vary among different universities and programs, but typically Bachelor degree is a three-years study. Students planning to pursue an academic career may choose an option of “Honours” - it is a fourth year on Bachelor program which includes not only taught courses but also research thesis. In Australia Bachelor students have to choose the main area of study, their “major”, as well as the “minor” - a quote of subjects in another study area. For example, students could choose Political Science major with minor in Economics or any other combination depending on university's rules. Admission decisions in Bachelor programs are usually based on academic results in secondary school, but some universities may also pay attention to extracurricular activities.

Master degree usually takes one of two years. Taught programs are based only on coursework, while research Master programs require a thesis. Doctoral degree is usually between 3 and 5 years in length. There are 38 public and 3 private universities in Australia, but higher education degrees may also be delivered by other types of institutions which should be registered in National Register of higher education providers.

Among the most renowned study programs in Australis are programs in Social sciences and Humanities. As a result, more than 20% of students in this country are international which may be the confirmation of high-quality education in Australia and it's attractiveness for people from all over the world.

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Australian National University logo
Tuition Fee:
Domestic students: 23616 AUD
International students: 34800 AUD
/ 1 year
12 December 2016
1 years (48 ECTS)

Studying international relations at ANU means you will be studying the best program of its kind in Australia and one of the most respected degrees in this field across the globe. It will encourage you to reach beyond the Western experience and engage with emerging ideas and practices from across the Asia Pacific and wider world. Your small group face to face seminars will be taught by globally-recognised experts who are leaders in their research fields and make regular contributors to...

University of Southern Queensland logo
Tuition Fee:
Domestic students: 16960 AUD
International students: 19280 AUD
/ 1 year
3 years (24 ECTS)

Australia is a relatively young country in world terms. Our Bachelor of Arts (Australian Studies) will give you a broad perspective on issues linked to the Australian continent and its populations, its history and culture, its Indigenous peoples and its place in the modern global world. As an interdisciplinary major, you will draw on diverse fields of study, including anthropology, communication and media studies, drama, English literature, history, Indigenous studies, international relations...

Australian National University logo
Tuition Fee:
33441 AUD / 1 year
31 May 2016
2 years ( ECTS)

The Master of Legal Practice is designed for LLB, LLB(Hons) and JD graduates who wish to be admitted to legal practice and to undertake further graduate study in law and/or to advance their career in professional practice. Students have the option of exiting with a Graduate Diploma of Legal Practice after the initial 48 units, or continuing study to complete the Masters. Once students have completed the initial 48 units of LEGW coded courses, they will be able to apply for direct admission as...

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  • Doctor of Juridical Science, Faculty of Law
    The Australian National University provides PhD students with a vibrant research community and outstanding program...

  • Doctor of Philosophy
    The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) is a research degree available in all study areas and provides you with the skills to...

  • Doctor of Professional Studies
    The Doctor of Professional Studies allows you to combine your professional work with study and obtain a doctoral...

  • Oral Medicine and Oral Pathology
    This course is designed to train dentists in one of these specialty disciplines: Endodontics, Oral Medicine and Oral...

  • Doctor of Creative Arts
    The Doctor of Creative Arts (DCA) is for graduates who have a significant record of achievement in the media and/or...

  • Juris Doctor
    Change to a career in law The Juris Doctor is a graduate entry program for non-law graduates. If you want a career in...

  • Clinical Podiatry
    This course provides theoretical and clinical knowledge in podiatric surgery beyond the Bachelor of Podiatric...

  • Doctor of Business Administration
    The Doctor of Business Administration is a high-level, business-oriented doctoral research program. If you are a...

  • Doctor of Philosophy in Arts
    The Doctor of Philosophy (PhD) provides candidates with the opportunity to pursue in-depth research in a specific...

  • Engineering Doctorate
    The Engineering Doctorate is a high-level, engineering-oriented doctoral research program. If you already have a...