Promotion of the University in Telegram

Nowadays almost every institution of higher education has its corporate account on Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn or Instagram. However, due to a large number of targeted advertising, posts, ads aimed at increasing traffic, the competition is becoming tougher. This makes universities seek for alternative channels to reach their target audience and increase brand awareness. A lot of them find such opportunities not only in social networks, but also at messengers that are growing fast.

Promotion of the University in Telegram

Telegram is nowadays one of the most rapidly developing newcomers that has already gained its position in the leaders’ list. It has about 200 million active users per month worldwide. Telegram is designed to make it easier to communicate with your target audience, share content, launch promotional campaigns and it is not yet overloaded with your competitors. All of that makes it worth talking about the effectiveness of using this messenger to attract new students to the universities.

The possibilities that the Telegram provides are wide: providing users with information on specific requests, sharing video content, images, documents, processing contact information to get the most useful answers and etc. Moreover, in case you want to use the Telegram channel as a source of information about your university and its produced services, this messenger could give you a lot of opportunities to promote: increasing university name awareness, promoting programs and educational services, newsletter, operative service and support.

Identifying benefits

Telegram is a popular platform due to a useful feature - the channels, which make up for a great tool to promote a university worth advertising. If configured and managed accordingly, a channel can become a great source of information for students. Each Telegram channel has its own public or private link, so anyone can join your channel through this link and stay up to date with your news or promotions.

Telegram groups and channels are based on specific categories. These categories make it easy for users to select links for themselves based on their chosen categories. Here, students do not have to spend their precious time searching for the necessary information group, having a link to the channel, they will immediately appear in the sought-for profile. That is why the value of each subscriber as a potential student in Telegram is higher than in social networks.

Telegram bots are of great benefit. They allow to track the dynamics of the audience and views, provide an opportunity to analyze the preferences of the audience both directly (using surveys) and hidden (using statistics) and solve many other problems. The main feature of the bots is that they can be individually selected for almost any needs of the university. They help you to keep your chat clean from spam, answer basic questions, show the guidelines of the channel, make the introduction and other different tools.