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    The online Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) program provides real world, practical knowledge that effectively supports your professional career. Develop fresh skills in critical thinking and proactive problem solving, and be better prepared to face complex business environments. The Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.) study program addresses the needs of business professionals who want to develop their practical industry experience into advanced leadership positions as consultants or executives in high-ranking organizations.

    Available specializations

    The D.B.A offers several specializations, including the option to design your own, that focus on the latest research, theories, and trends in the business world:

    • Accounting
    • Entrepreneurship
    • Finance
    • Global Supply Chain Management
    • Healthcare Management
    • Human Resource Management
    • Information Systems Management
    • International Business
    • Leadership
    • Marketing
    • Project Management
    • Self-Designed
    • Social Impact Management
    • Technology Entrepreneurship

    Why choose the Entrepreneurship specialization?

    Explore and receive in-depth insight into the entrepreneurial concepts that support innovation and pioneering initiatives in successful companies as well as start-ups. Build your entrepreneurial skills by combining theory with practical real-world situations and learn key practices that can teach you how to identify market opportunities, manage risk, encourage innovation and raise company capital.

    Explore some of the greatest challenges and opportunities facing business today, including:

    • Globalization
    • Adapting to an increasingly dynamic business world
    • Ethical issues
    • Managing stakeholder relationships
    • Management issues related to other professional interests

    Are you prepared to influence and advance the future of business practice? Discover how an entrepreneurial organization can make a greater contribution in today’s society!

    Study outcomes

    Graduates of this program will be prepared to:

  • Assess business theory and practice.
  • Find effective solutions to real-world problems in the field of business and management.
  • Apply and adapt research literature to practical business issues.
  • Conduct valuable research that develops professional knowledge of business and management.
  • Clearly communicate with stakeholders about problem statements, research approaches and results, solutions, and assessment.
  • Uphold and encourage ethical conduct in the business environment.
  • Career options

    Future career options may include a variety of settings and roles:

    • Consultant
    • Contributor
    • Manager
    • Entrepreneur/business owner
    • Education
    • Administrator
    • Member of faculty


    Completion Requirements

    • 60 semester credits
      • Foundation course (3 sem. cr.)
      • Core business courses (15 sem. cr.)
      • Business strategy course (3 sem. cr.)
      • Research methods courses (10 sem. cr.)
      • Specialization courses (9 sem. cr.)
      • Doctoral studies courses (20 sem. cr.)
    • 8 days of academic residency (two 4-day residencies)

    Time to completion may vary by student, depending on individual progress and credits transferred.


    The Doctor of Business Administration program is designed for experienced business professionals who want to translate their industry expertise into leadership positions as consultants or as executives within their organizations.


    In our Doctor of Business Administration program, you will work with expert faculty members who are scholars and leaders in their fields.

    USA requirements for international students

    Each university in the Unites States of America sets its own admission standards so there isn't the same criteria for all the students and the university can decide which applicants meet those standards. The fee for each application is between $35 to $100. 

    After the selections of the universities you want to attend, the best of all would be to contact each university for an application form and more admission information for the international students. Moreover, for a graduate or postgraduate program it's necessary to verify the admission requirements. Some programs require that you send your application directly to their department. 

    Admissions decisions are based on students's academic record and different test scores, such as TOEFL, the SAT or ACT (for undergraduate programs) and GRE or GMAT (for graduate programs). Admission decision is based on your academic results and motivation.

    University requirements

    Program requirements


    Admission requirements for Walden’s programs vary but generally include the following:

    • Official transcript(s)
    • A master's degree or higher
    • Applicable test scores
    • Completed online application
    • Employment history
    • List of transfer credits

    Applicants must have successfully completed a higher education/ university-level degree or a comparable university degree. Additional academic qualifications may also be considered.

    Transfer of credits based on a course-by-course evaluation of relevant transcripts.

    English Language Requirements

    IELTS band: 6.5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 79

    Work Experience

    At least 3 year(s) of work experience is required.

    Three years of related professional or academic experience.

    Technological Requirements

    Access to a computer and the Internet



    Walden University’s B.S. in Business Administration, Master of Business Administration (M.B.A.), Doctor of Business Administration (D.B.A.), and Ph.D. in Management programs are accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). ACBSP is a leading specialized accreditation association that identifies and supports excellence in business education.

    This accreditation reaffirms the quality of Walden’s programs and support services, as well as our commitment to continuous assessment and improvement. Earning an ACBSP-accredited degree can better prepare you to compete and succeed in the global marketplace. Employers recognize the value of graduates of a program with educational standards modeled on the Baldrige Performance Excellence Program, used by businesses, government, and other organizations as a measure of quality.

    Walden University's Ph.D. in Management program is accredited by the Accreditation Council for Business Schools and Programs (ACBSP). Among other benefits, ACBSP accreditation provides:

    • Validation that your program meets nationally recognized standards of quality endorsed by businesses, government, and other organizations.
    • Assurance that your program can provide you with the skills you need to compete in today's global marketplace.
    • Recognition by employers, graduate schools, and regulatory organizations.

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