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    The online Bachelor of Science in Nursing (RN-BSN) from Utica College focuses on patient-centered health care and gives you the most current nursing knowledge and information available to be leaders in today's complex health care environment.

    Our RN-BSN alumni are confident that you'll get the most out of your experience at Utica – they've referred more than one-third of our current students! They know you'll benefit from a quality program that focuses on nursing leadership and critical thinking skills, all delivered through a convenient, online platform.

    The online RN-BS Nursing curriculum covers a wide range of current nursing topics, including:

    • Nursing Management
    • Clinical Pharmacology
    • Community Health Nursing
    • Health Assessment

    Discover our innovative online program with no residencies — a quality nursing education you can complete online! Students will have the opportunity to demonstrate mastery of concepts through relevant experiential learning and practice experiences that foster patient-centered care, interprofessional teams, evidence based practice, informatics, clinical reasoning/critical thinking, cultural sensitivity, professionalism and practice across the life span in an ever-changing and complex health care environment — all of which are aligned to the Baccalaureate Essentials requirements determined by the American Association of Colleges of Nursing (Expectations for Practice Experiences in the RN to baccalaureate Curriculum, 2012).

    Keep working as you obtain new skills — our program is carefully aligned to allow you to learn online while you continue to work and balance family or other responsibilities.

    Detailed Course Facts

    Tuition fee Visit Programme Website Start date Any time 2015 Credits 30+ based on transfer credits

    Completion of a minimum 121 credit hours is required for graduation. Transfer credits are included in the total required 121 credit hours. At least 60 of the 121 credit hours must be taken in the liberal arts and sciences.

    Languages Take an IELTS test
    • English
    Delivery mode Online Educational variant Part-time Intensity Flexible Structure Fully structured Student interaction Online group works/assignments Attendance No Attendance Teacher support Continuous support with feedback on request More information Go To The Course Website

    Course Content

    The coursework in the online RN to B.S in Nursing (RN-BSN) degree addresses contemporary issues, research methodologies and models of care that prepare students for success in today's healthcare environment. The continually enhanced coursework provides a solid foundation for advanced practice roles, which is especially important for nurses who want to go on to obtain graduate degrees.


    Sets the foundation for professional practice that is built upon throughout the curriculum. Students are introduced to all aspects of the nursing profession, including an overview of nursing roles, theory, and professional practice.


    Provides opportunity through classroom and laboratory sessions for students to learn the theories and skills involved with assessment of physical, psychological, social, cultural, and environmental aspects of clients across the life span.


    Basic principles and processes of pathophysiology including cellular communication, genetics, forms of cellular injury, fluid and electrolytes, acid - base balance, immunity, stress, coping, illness and tumor biology.


    Health of populations and communities through study of epidemiology, health promotion and disease prevention across the life span. The influences of environment, genetics, culture, economics, and access to care are analyzed.


    Differentiates nursing leadership from nursing management and describes how nurses lead professionally. Additionally this course will explore the impact of informatics and technology on nursing, patient care, and health care delivery.

    • NUR 333 PHARMACOLOGY (3 Credits)

    Information for safe, effective nursing care related to pharmacology. Covers actions, uses, administration alerts, pharmacokinetics, pharmacodynamics, adverse effects, contraindications, interactions with other drugs, herbs and food, and treatment of overdose and antidotes.


    Expands the knowledge of nursing management in practice, education, political and community settings. It emphasizes the essential elements of management, including different management techniques and routine tasks such as budgeting, planning, supervision and delegation.


    Focuses on preparation for the transition from student to professional baccalaureate generalist nurse. Trends and issues regarding nursing education, research, and practice are analyzed within a historical, social, and multicultural systems framework.


    Physical, psychological, social, and spiritual concerns of patients and families as they relate to pain and comfort care, and end-of-life decisions.

    USA requirements for international students

    Each university in the Unites States of America sets its own admission standards so there isn't the same criteria for all the students and the university can decide which applicants meet those standards. The fee for each application is between $35 to $100. 

    After the selections of the universities you want to attend, the best of all would be to contact each university for an application form and more admission information for the international students. Moreover, for a graduate or postgraduate program it's necessary to verify the admission requirements. Some programs require that you send your application directly to their department. 

    Admissions decisions are based on students's academic record and different test scores, such as TOEFL, the SAT or ACT (for undergraduate programs) and GRE or GMAT (for graduate programs). Admission decision is based on your academic results and motivation.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    English Language Requirements

    IELTS band : 6 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test : 79

    To study at this university, you have to speak English. We advice you to

    take an IELTS test.


    Admission to the RN-BS in Nursing (RN-BSN) program requires an associate degree in nursing from a regionally accredited program. The student must have an active RN license or become licensed within 6 months of starting the program.

    International Student Admissions Requirements

    What we need from you:

    • A completed online application

    • $50 application fee (or waiver request) for Graduate Programs or $40.00 application fee (or waiver request) for Undergraduate Programs

    • Official transcripts of all previous academic works in English and an explanation of the grading system

    • English language proficiency tests such as TOEFL or IELTS if English is not your first language -- UC requires a TOEFL score of 550 written, 213 computer-based, 79 internet-based and IELTS of 6.0

    Work Experience

    No work experience is required.

    Related Scholarships*

    • Academic Excellence Scholarship

      "The Academic Excellence Scholarship can provide up to a 50 % reduction in tuition per semester. These scholarships will be renewed if the student maintains superior academic performance during each semester of their 3-year Bachelor programme. The scholarship will be directly applied to the student’s tuition fees."

    • Alumni Study Travel Fund

      Scholarships for students who are already attending the University of Reading.

    • Amsterdam Merit Scholarships

      The University of Amsterdam aims to attract the world’s brightest students to its international classrooms. Outstanding students from outside the European Economic Area can apply for an Amsterdam Merit Scholarship.

    * The scholarships shown on this page are suggestions first and foremost. They could be offered by other organisations than Utica College.


    Scholarships, Grants, and Awards:

    Utica College scholarships, grants, and awards generally fall into three categories:

    • College Scholarships

    College scholarships are awarded to full-time freshmen upon admission to the College on the basis of academic and personal achievements.

    • Endowed Scholarships

    These have been established by alumni, friends of the College, and organizations for the purpose of permanently providing support to deserving and/or outstanding students.

    • Annual Awards

    Annual Awards are grants and prizes awarded to deserving students on a yearly basis.


    Utica College is accredited by the Commission on Higher Education of the Middle States Association of Colleges and Schools, 3624 Market Street, Philadelphia, PA 19104-2680, (215) 662-5606. The

    Commission on Higher Education is an institutional accrediting agency recognized by the US Secretary of Education and the Commission on Recognition of Postsecondary Accreditation.

    Utica College is chartered by the Regents of the University of the State of New York.

    Program-Specific Accreditations and Recognitions

    Utica’s Online RN-BS Nursing program is also accredited by the Commission on Collegiate Nursing Education (CCNE).

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