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    The objective of the MSc course in Molecular Biology is to provide knowledge of the findings in the field of molecular biology, how to apply molecular biology techniques, to provide a broad and deep knowledge on the methodology and to train students to be able to approach scientific problems in a multidisciplinary way, as part of multidisciplinary teams.

    The students will acquire practical and theoretical understanding of biological data and how to use results in basic and applied research innovatively. The students can specialize in the field of biochemistry, genomics, immunology, cell-biology and microbiology, medical biology and pharmacology.

    The degree qualifies for entry to European doctoral programs, and also for a variety of other careers. Doctoral programs in the University of Debrecen are also open for students graduated in the master program of molecular biology.

    Criteria subjects: physics (3 credits), chemistry (3 credits), biology (4); cell biology (3), cell physiology (4 credits), biochemistry (6 credits), genetics (3 credits), microbiology (6 credits), animal or human anatomy, animal or human physiology (10), plant morphology and physiology (10 credits), basic knowledge in molecular biology (5 credits), evolutionary biology and population genetics (3 credits).

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Students with the following degrees may apply and be accepted if they have a minimum of 40 out of the required 60 credits from criteria subjects. At least BSc in natural sciences (chemistry, environmental studies), at least BSc in agricultural sciences, in technical sciences (bioengineering), at least BSc in medical or health sciences.
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