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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: $ 6.79k / one academic year
  • Foreign: $ 6.79k / one academic year
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 5877pts.
  • Duration:
  • 3 years

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    Students have an opportunity to get BA degree in Antalya, but students will visit partner university in Budapest 2 times  (3 weeks each semester) for lectures and seminars. Students get European Union Diploma and have an opportunity to find a good job in any European country.

    The Bachelor of Tourism and Catering program offers thorough grounding in all important subjects and topics in tourism and catering. What makes the program really unique is the host of specializations available for students including Health and Wellness Tourism Management, MICE Tourism Management and Destination Management drawing heavily on the rich experience that the local tourism industry gained with Hungary having a  world renowned reputation due to its rich thermal healing water assets or its number one position in the international dental tourism. 

    The program is designed for individuals who:
    are open minded, versatile and well-informed, who are interested in personal communication, have good problem-solving and organizational skill and enjoy learning foreign languages.

    Program content: General Theory of Tourism; Tourism Economics; Attraction and Visitor Management; Regional Development and Tourism Planning; Hotel Management Studies; Catering Studies; Introduction to Travel Agency Studies; Tourism and Catering Marketing; Tourism Geography; Congress and Event Organization; Animation; Health Tourism Marketing; Introduction to Wellness Tourism; Exhibition Organization; Business Protocol and Presentation; Recreation and Sports Animation; Destination Marketing.


    University requirements

    Program requirements

    We accept applications from:

    • high school graduates - admission  to the 2 year
    • vocational school and university graduates- admission to the 2 year or professional training program

    Applicants must be at least 18 years old to enroll in the program. Antalya Academy of Tourism has developed a flexible system of tuition fees depending on the chosen program. Applicants can be enrolled in the Academy of Tourism without taking an entrance examination. Terms and conditions for applications and admissions can be found on the Academy's website.

    If a candidate's level of English language proficiency is insufficient we offer a foundation course with an Intensive English course and Introduction to the hospitality industry, which leads to the continuation of the studies in English.

    Documents required for admission:

    1. Application form
    2. Questionnaire
    3. Reference letter from the previous educational institution
    4. Diploma (Certificate or School Transcript with grades)
    5. Passport (photo and personal infprmation page)
    6. 4 passport-size photo in color
    7. Medical Report (form 086-У)
    8. HIV test (to be submitted upon arrival)

    European University (EU) is an internationally accredited, multi-campus business school established in 1973. EU offers innovative business programs at the Business Foundation (BF), Bachelor's (BBA), Master's (MBA) and Doctorate (DBA) levels.

    European University is a network of schools in the picturesque parts of the world – Switzerland (Montreux, Geneva), Spain (Barcelona) and Germany (Munich).  All of the schools have a unified system of education. This allows students to change schools with ease. For example, you can study for one semester in Switzerland and the next semester you can go to Spain or Germany – it’s a great opportunity to see the world!

    With small, dynamic classes offered in English at all of its worldwide campuses, EU students get the best of both American and European academic traditions in an international environment.

    Our College and the European University (Switzerland) have signed an agreement of cooperation. According to the agreement, our students with the college diploma have a unique opportunity to enter this prestigious university, which was acknowledged as one out of 50 top business schools in Europe in 2010. Our students enter EU without exams.

    After receiving a diploma of the International College of Tourism, our graduates can receive Bachelor’s Degree at the European University just in one year and chose any program!

    This will give them the ability to compete for leading position in the hospitality industry.

    At the European University students can study ten different fields, including PR, tourism management, international relations, personnel management and others.  Living in big European cities, having an opportunity to get practical work with major companies and international teaching staff – all of these factors contribute to the future success of the students.


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