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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: n/a
  • Foreign: $ 532 / all program
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 3 August 2018
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 6944pts.
  • Duration:
  • 4 years

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    Program Objectives:

    AGU Civil Engineering program aims to:

    • Produce graduates who are capable in the basics of engineering science, analytical and quantitative reasoning, and design in the context of civil engineering
    • Emphasize innovative thinking and leadership in professional and social life
    • Encourage team work and development of interpersonal skills,
    • Teach the significance of ethical behavior in professional life,
    • Produce graduates working in national and international organizations around the world addressing some of the most global issues of our times. 

    Program Outcomes:

    • An ability to apply knowledge of mathematics and science on engineering problems.
    • An ability to conduct civil engineering experiments and analyze and interpret the resulting data.
    • An ability to design a system, component, or process in civil engineering context.
    • An ability to recognize, formulate and solve complex engineering problems.
    • An ability to communicate efficiently.
    • Ability to explain basic concepts in management, business, public policy, and leadership.
    • An ability to act individually and to function in multi-national and multi-disciplinary teams.
    • Knowledge on global and contemporary issues.
    • An insight of ethical and professional responsibility.
    • An ability to take part in life-long learning. 

    You can find the latest curriculum and course contents under: http://ce.agu.edu.tr/undergraduate

    University requirements


    The Abdullah Gül University applies country-specific eligibility criteria for acceptance into its undegrraduate programs. You can find our full list of accepted certificates and diplomas per country and minimum requirements for each.

    But we recommend all candidates to apply with international certificates such as the SAT, ACT, IB, AP, GCE A- or AS-Levels etc. As well as the TOEFL certificate as proof of English proficiency, in order to increase their chances of acceptance.


    The following documents are required for applications to AGU's Graduate programs:

    1. Undergraduate and Graduate (if available) Diploma 
    2. ALES or GRE Certificate (It's mandatory for Turkish applicants to have an ALES score and for international applicants to have a GRE or GMAT or GAT Score)
    3. Language Proficiency Exam Certificate (TOELF iBT or PTE or AGU on-campus English Exam (for MSc candidates residing in Turkey only)
    4. University Transcript
    5. Minimum of 2 Recommendation letters
    6. CV/Resume
    7. Official ID Photo
    8. Passport (ID and Validity Date pages) (Mandatory Only For International Students)
    9. Portfolio*
    10. Statement of Purpose*

    * Requested in interviews from the candidates who apply for graduate programs of Architecture.

    Program requirements

    Candidates may apply with their national High School diploma and/or University Entrance Exam. However, we strongly recommend all candidates to apply with international exams such as the SAT, ACT, IB, AP, GCE A- or AS-Levels, in order to increase their chances of acceptance to the University.

    You can find our country-specific list of accepted exams and minimum requirements for each here: http://intoffice.agu.edu.tr/apply-to-agu

    Undergraduate applicants should provide the following documents:

    a. Highschool Diploma
    b. Valid Passport (ID and Validity Date pages)
    c. Official ID Photo
    d. Last 2 years High School/University Transcripts
    e. TOEFL certificate (Not mandatory but strongly recommended. Please send your results via AGU's institutional (DI) code:B426)
    f. Others if applicable (Recommendation letters, Awards, Certificates, Medals..)



    AGU wants to put its students in the best possible position to succeed in their studies, by offering the following scholarship to the very best of its newly accepted first year students:

    TUITION SCHOLARSHIPS   ̶ No Tuition fees will be charged for the entirety of the student's undergraduate studies at AGU (the $800 yearly tuition fee is fully waived and will be deducted from the original Fee Package)

    Criteria for the selection of Scholarship awardees include:

    International Exams (e.g. SAT, ACT, GCE A-Levels, IB)
    High School results
    English Proficiency (TOEFL)
    Statement of Purpose
    **Important Notes:

    These scholarships are awarded to Faculty students only and will cover the entire duration of the program
    Scholarship awardees are still required to pay the pre-registration deposit, which corresponds to their yearly housing fee within 7 days of acceptance to AGU in order to secure their position a the University.
    A scholarship will automatically be suspended if the awardee does not maintain his/her CGPA above 2.0.
    The decision to award scholarships is at the discretion of the AGU Foreign Student Examination Placement and Evaluation Commission.

    Every year, among AGU’s international student body, the undergraduate full Faculty student*** with the best CGPA (all years combined) will be awarded a full tuition scholarship**** for the the year following his/her achievement. This scholarship is to be renewed or awarded to another student based on each year’s CGPA results.

    *Note: the decision to award any of these scholarship opportunities each year remains at the discretion of the Abdullah Gül University and the AGU International Student Selection Committee.

    ***Students having spent no time at the AGU School of Languages prior to starting their Faculty courses

    ****If the student with the best CGPA already benefits from a Tuition Scholarship from AGU, the Top Achiever Scholarship will be transferred to the student with the second highest CGPA result.

    More information can be found under: http://ce.agu.edu.tr/

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