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  • Local: $ 4.5k / year
  • Foreign: $ 8.71k / year
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  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 1 June
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  • 1164pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years

    7 th January 2015 for partner countries26th January 2015 for programme countriesJune 2015 for self funding applicants1st May to apply for the Fall semester or full year1st November to apply for the Spring semester

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    A Consortium consisting of three reputable European institutions: Heriot-Watt University in Scotland (HW), Buskerud and Vestfold University College in Norway (HBV) and Budapest University of Technology and Economics in Hungary (BME) are introducing a new two-year Master course called Joint International Master in Smart Systems Integration (SSI). SSI has been developed to meet the present and future needs in manpower from the increasingly industry relevant area of MicroSystems Technology (MST). These systems, such as airbag crash sensors, inkjet printer heads, lab-on-a chip systems and smart phones function through the integration of electronic processing with biological, mechanical or optical functions.

    The SSI Master is one of the 138 selected programmes which meet the high quality standards of the Erasmus Plus Master Courses.

    The SSI Master programme provides EU and non-EU students with an excellent academic curriculum in a new and ever evolving domain, and will add to the creation of a homogeneous education system in Europe. Through the programme, all students will have access to outstanding research infrastructures from three European countries. The students can take advantage of Europe's cultural diversity, be exposed to different teaching styles and benefit from mutual learning in a multicultural setting. The three partner universities are located in different regions of Europe, strongly reflecting the cultural, historical, political and linguistic diversity in Europe. This will be enhanced through the compulsory culture/ society/ language courses given by each university, these courses being an integrated part of the joint master programme. The SSI Master Programme will thus truly prepare the students for working in an international environment.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Criteria of admission1.Excellence of the candidate: outstanding achievement in the applicant's first degree which should be in either electrical engineering, electronics, computer engineering, physics, materials science, mechanical engineering, biomedical engineering or a closely related discipline. The candidate will have to justify an equivalent of B in the European standard (corresponding to a minimum of 2.1 honours in the United Kingdom).2.Language ability: teaching being given in English, the candidates must demonstrate sound knowledge of the language. The requirement for competence in English is equivalent to IELTS at grade 6.5 overall and 5.5. in each skill, or a Cambridge Certificate of Advanced English at least grade B.3.Student motivation to undertake the Masters and relevance to his or her professional development.4.Gender balance: for applicants having similar qualifications, the minority gender will be preferred.Please note carefully that partner country applicants must have completed their degree by the deadline for applications, 7 January 2015 or their application will be rejected .The deadline for programme country applicants is the 26 th January 2015. The reason for the difference in deadlines is that the two categories must be handled on separate lists and the procedure is slightly different for submission to Brussels, allowing this latter deadline.Requested documents for admission1.Letter of application outlining the student's rationale and motivation for applying to the programme, this can be included on your application.2.Curriculum Vitae3.Certified copy of the university Bachelors degree or equivalent, with an English translation if original degree is not in English.4.Certified copy of complete transcript , with an English translation if original is not in English.5.Proof of level of competency in English. Please provide your results from a Secured English LanuageTest (SELT) recognised by the UKVI or a letter from your undergraduate institution confirming undergraduate study in English.6.Two letters of reference or recommendation, preferably from academic staff at the University that awarded the first degree. References should be submitted to us on headed paper, or sent to us at pgt.eps@hw.ac.uk directly from your referees authorised university or work email account.7.Administrative papers: a copy of a valid passport .
    4.000 EUR/year for applicants from Program countries7.750 EUR/year for applicants from Partner countries
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