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  • Foreign: $ 20.2k / 1 year
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    The Master of Design (Design Practices) is a hands-on, studio-based specialism directed at students who want to deepen their innovative abilities, who are curious about design and business integration,and who enjoy the creative form challenges of making objects and ideas that improve people’s lives.

    Designers with a Bachelor’s degree in product design, fashion design, interaction design, architecture, product engineering, interior design or communication design may find Design Practices to be a logical next step in their professional development.


    This specialism focuses on design as a strategic tool for the consumer economy. Interdisciplinary projects embrace business strategy and brand development, identifying opportunities for innovation and user experience. This full-time international program responds to the world’s industrial and technological transformation with a focus on China. The development of a high level of research, analysis, strategic vision, aesthetics, and technical mastery in development, fabrication and commercialization of design prepares students for leadership roles.


    This specialism seeks to join practical strategies for innovation with formal aspects of design development, by making design

    • real-world project development
    • teamwork approaches to problem solving
    • cultural considerations as well as business & technology
    • customers’ needs and goals
    • design entrepreneurship and brand creation

    Programme structure

    Primarily a studio experience, some projects will be sponsored by leading companies with real business context provided as the base for collaborative workshops. This is a full-time, intensive one-year programme. Theory and method subjects are delivered during weekends over four consecutive weeks each. A "capstone project" concludes the year with an experience that synthesizes learning in a real world setting.

    Common Core Subjects (compulsory) (4 credits)

    • SD5400 Vision and Change (1 credit)
    • SD5018 Research and Analysis for Design (3 credits)

    Specialism Core Subjects (compulsory)Theory/Method Subjects (6 credits)

    • SD5163 Managing Value Creation (3 credits)
    • SD5104 Branding: From Local to Global Strategies (3 credits)

    Workshop Subjects (21 credits)

    • SD5401 Value Strategies for China (4 credits)
    • SD5405 China Lifestyle Transformation (4 credits)
    • SD5406 Design Experience (4 credits)
    • SD5407 Capstone Research (3 credits)
    • SD5408 Design and Make Capstone Project (6 credits)

    Class delivery mode & duration

    Classes are normally held during daytime on weekdays except for three subjects, which will be delivered during weekends. Each of these weekend subjects requires three weekends spread over 4–5 weeks.

    Normally it takes 1 year to complete the specialism.


    Teaching staff

    • Roger Ball
    • Fred Han
    • Ilpo Koskinen
    • Tak Chi Lee
    • Y. Tina Luximon
    • Ernesto Spicciolato

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    A Bachelor’s degree in design or the equivalent in a related discipline and a minimum of one year of professional experience in design is required.A complete application includesApplication formPortfolioEvidence of degree or other qualificationLetter of intentLetters of recommendation (Academic/ Profession)English language competency (minimum score: TOEFL 550 / IELTS 6.0 / iBT 80)Applicants who are native English speakers with qualification from a university where the language of teaching is English are not required to provide such test score.InterviewIn the case of international students, the interview will be conducted via video calls on Skype. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6 TOEFL paper-based test score : 550 TOEFL iBT® test: 80

    Financial Aid

    In general, scholarships are available on a competitive basis for non-local full-time students.

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