The Master courses in East Asian Studies are offered to graduates of Chinese, Japanese and Korean Studies, as well as to graduates of other departments and faculties such as History, Social Sciences, Philosophy, Communication or Fine Arts, who wish to further research the cultural area of the Far East.

The program´s starting point is East Asia´s cultural unity, which appeared as a result of the spreading of Chinese culture, followed by acculturation and strengthened by the dialogue of local traditions in the fields of religion, ethics, philosophy, aesthetics, fine arts, etc., the common ground for the development of which have been Confucian and Buddhist traditions.

Our offer consists in the study of the common cultural pattern of the area through translations and the study of the cultural contacts among the three cultural areas.

We undertake an interdisciplinary approach, which resorts to the anthropological perspective, intellectual history, history of concepts and the theory of translation. This is a brand new approach in the field of East Asian studies, which efficiently uses and adjusts the research methods already tested in Western cultural studies.

The courses will be given by professors from our university as well as Japanese and Korean visiting professors. Scientific conferences with specialists from European universities such as the Université Paris VII, INALCO, Universita Sapienza di Roma, Gent University and University of Trier, included in the Erasmus program, will add value to our Master program.

Study Program

* Ideographic writing
* Linguistic typology
* Intercultural Dialogue
* The role of translation in intercultural dialogue
* Issues in the translation of the literary text
* The dissemination of key-concepts and their translation
* Elective course
* Chinese /Korean/Japonese language practice
* The history of East Asia as a cultural area
* Cultural anthropology
* Popular culture. Urban culture
* Specialized languages

Program requirements

Following Romanias adhering to the European Union and in accordance with Law 316 from July 12, 2006, the citizens from the European Union as well as the citizens from the Swiss Confederation and the European Economic Region may study at Romanian Higher Education Institutions in the same conditions as Romanian students do, that is : * They have to pass an entrance examination for all study levels ( Bachelor, Master, PhD), at the same dates and the same subjects as Romanian students. * The study fees are the same as for Romanian students, to be paid in Romanian currency (Ron). The fees may be updated every year. * The admission sessions usually are in July for Bachelor studies and in September for Master and PhD studies. * The exact examination data are available at every faculty of the university (they might differ slightly from one faculty to another). In order to register for the entrance examination at any of the faculties of the University of Bucharest, the file must contain the following documents: * Certificate of equivalence of study documents * High school diploma + school records, in original and endorsed copies * Birth certificate, endorsed copy * Health certificate * Three photos size ¾ * Passport or any other ID, in copy * Proof of payment for the examination taxes
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