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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: $ 2.21k / Year
  • Foreign: $ 2.21k / Year
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 29 July 2016
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 609pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years
    Studying Environmental Protection will allow you to learn about methods, techniques and technologies characteristic for this field of science, gain knowledge and practical skills in terms of sustainable development and environmental management. You will prepare yourself to conduct individual scientific research, write reports and papers, make presentations and present your research.
    Besides from theory, you will be able to obtain practical experience not only in the laboratory, but also in outdoor research and managing students projects as well in ecology, biotechnology, environmental microbiology, as land reclamation and restoration (including saline areas), management in protected areas, human ecology, urban ecology, landscape planning and sustainable development, environmental management and environmental policy.
    You will obtain qualifications to work as specialist for Environment Agencies, environmental laboratories, environmental consulting companies, Landscape Parks, National Parks, UNESCO MAB Biosphere Reserves and as environmental specialist for Local Authorities, Government or European Agencies, water companies, forestry, research institutions, industrial companies, or as individual environmental consultant.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Education requirements:

    BA, MA degree or equivalent and a certificate of English language competence
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