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  • Local: n/a
  • Foreign: Free
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
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  • 30 April

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    Management subjects: for example, quality management systems, production management systems, strategic management, project management, negotiation techniques and leadership

    Technical subjects: for example, ERP advanced course, Java advanced course, wind energy plants, advanced materials, CAD, production planning

    Extensive scientific engineering project work

    Master's thesis project

    Educational organisation

    Project-oriented teaching with projects, lectures and lab work

    Study abroad unit(s)



    Students are free to choose to prepare their Master's thesis either at the university or in industry.

    Forms of assessment

    Written examinations, project work presentations, oral examinations, reports, Master's thesis

    Course objectives

    The Master of Engineering in Technical Management course provides basic knowledge for managing engineering projects and their related commercial processes. Students are prepared for first executive tasks in international engineering projects. The study programme is based on a broad interdisciplinary and problem-oriented approach to the field of technical management. Students learn to develop and implement problem-solving strategies in a creative and independent way, based on scientific principles. Their general language skills and cross-cultural competences are improved.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Language requirements

    Proficiency in English (computer-based TOEFL 220, or equivalent test)

    Academic requirements

    • A German "Diplom" degree, a Bachelor's degree, or an equivalent qualification with three and a half years of study in a technical field such as electrical engineering, mechanical engineering, chemical engineering, natural sciences, information science, etc.
    • At least a good average mark in the final degree
    • Knowledge of German is not compulsory, but will be awarded extra points in the admission procedure, improving the applicant's rank. German companies make German language skills a prerequisite for an internship or for writing the Master's thesis in association with the company.
    • One year of postgraduate work experience is compulsory for admission. More years will give applicants an edge and will be considered in the admission procedure, improving the applicant's rank.
    • If the number of applications exceeds the number of places in our course of study, performance will be compared after the application deadline. The best applicants will be admitted.

    Enrolment fees

    The service fee charged for studying at the University of Applied Sciences Emden/Leer is 320 EUR per semester (at time of publishing). This includes a semester ticket, which entitles students to free use of local public transport in and around Emden, as well as trains to Hamburg, Hanover and Oldenburg for one semester (six months).

    Costs of living

    The cost of living in Emden is lower than in other German cities, but could be higher than in students' home countries. Accommodation (300-400 EUR per month), health insurance (78 EUR per month) and other expenses add up to about 500-700 EUR per month.

    Arrival support

    Intensive guidance and counselling is provided by senior students.

    Services and support for international students

    Intensive study guidance and counselling is provided by the International Office, professors and lecturers. Senior students provide tutoring. Campus activities for foreign students are organised by the International Office.


    In Emden, the "Studentenwerk" Oldenburg offers accommodation for students in four halls of residence. The halls of residence run by the "Studentenwerk" are a good choice for both short- and long-term accommodation. Situated at comfortable distances from the University of Applied Sciences, the halls provide single rooms only. Availability of rooms depends on demand and cannot be guaranteed.
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