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    The Electrical Communication Engineering programme is designed for students with a Bachelor's degree in communications or a related area. Prospective ECE students can choose the focus of their studies from modules covering different aspects of the Open Systems Interconnection (OSI) layer model for communication systems including Digital Communications, Electromagnetics, Microwaves, Mobile Internet, Optoelectronics, Software and Hardware Components for Communication Systems.
    Students are free to enrol in modules according to their interests. Courses can be chosen from a specific topic in order to specialise in it or combined from different topics to get an overview over different aspects in communication systems. More information can be found at:

    Educational organisation

    It is possible to start the programme either in winter or summer. All courses are taught in English. In addition to the scientific education, students learn German and become accustomed to the German way of life. A service package is offered to assist and support students from outside Germany with administrative matters, accommodation etc.
    The programme comprises three semesters (one and a half years), where the first two semesters are devoted to courses, seminars and lab training organised in modules. The third semester is used exclusively for the final thesis module. In each semester, modules totalling 30 credit points must be completed. On successful completion of the thesis module, the student is awarded the MSc degree. Please see our website at for more information.
    On receiving the MSc degree, students interested in academic research and teaching careers can pursue a Doctor of Philosophy degree (PhD) in the aforementioned areas of communications.

    Study abroad unit(s)

    Not mandatory


    Not mandatory

    Forms of assessment

    Depending on the course type, there are written and oral exams (lectures), presentations (seminars, projects), solution of exercises/programming (lab courses), presentations and reports (Master's thesis). For each module, either six or twelve ECTS credits are granted.

    Course objectives

    The objective of the programme is to enable the student to work in different fields of communications, both in academia and industry. This comprises jobs in research and development departments, consulting, operation and maintenance, patent issues, acquisition of projects, etc. The objectives of the modules in the programme including the targeted skills as well as alumni careers can be found at

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Language requirements

    Applicants must provide proof of their English skills: TOEFL 550/220/76 OR IELTS (6.5) OR undergraduate study completely in English.

    Academic requirements

    BSc in Electrical Engineering or equivalent with excellent overall mark
    Only in cases where the application via uni-assist becomes unavailable, please follow the application instructions at:

    Enrolment fees

    Mandatory registration fees allow students to use public transport free of charge and the university's refectories and cafeterias at reduced prices. For example, the registration fee for the summer semester of 2016 amounted to approx. 275 EUR.

    Costs of living

    In order to cover personal expenses while studying in Kassel, it is recommended that students budget around 750-900 EUR per month for accommodation, food, health insurance, books, and miscellaneous expenses.

    Job opportunities

    Students can apply for various part-time jobs or work as student assistants on campus. Please have a look at Some departments also provide positions as tutors or student assistants.

    Arrival support

    An orientation week is regularly offered to international students. During information sessions, tours, excursions, events, and leisure-time activities, international students get to know their departments, courses, the campus, and life in Kassel or Witzenhausen and become acquainted with their lecturers and fellow students. Students get the chance to make new friends during the campus rally or at the get-together brunch. Senior student tutors will assist foreign students with any questions or problems they may encounter during their stay.

    Services and support for international students

    Orientation week at the main site in Kassel:
    Support service at the campus site in Witzenhausen:
    Contact for exchange students:
    Welcome Centre:


    International students enrolled at the University of Kassel can choose between staying at a student residence hall (Wohnheim) or private accommodation. There are about 1,000 rooms available in student residence halls in Kassel and Witzenhausen, administered by Studentenwerk Kassel. Please have a look at Rent for a room varies from 200-320 EUR per month depending on the location and facilities. Students can choose between a single apartment with en-suite facilities or a room in a flat shared with fellow students. Finding private accommodation in Kassel is usually not difficult. Both furnished and unfurnished accommodation is available. Vacancies are posted in the local press and on the Internet.
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