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  • English
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  • 31 May
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  • 2 years

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    The programme "Molecular Life Sciences" includes research-oriented courses focusing on molecular genetics, developmental biology and cell biology in both plants and animals.

    • Three basic modules on molecular developmental biology, molecular genetics and molecular cell biology
    • Three advanced modules (out of fifteen elective modules offered)
    • Specialisation module
    • Project module
    • Master's thesis


    Educational organisation

    Besides the mandatory basic modules, three advanced modules can be chosen during the first year of studies in the areas of developmental biology, cell biology, molecular genetics, systems biology, and biophysics. In the second year of studies, knowledge of the chosen area of specialisation is broadened by the specialisation module, which comprises a practical course focusing on methods and a piece of scientific project work.


    Forms of assessment

    See: and

    Course objectives

    The Master's degree in Molecular Life Sciences (MLS) qualifies for PhD programmes in molecular life sciences. Friedrich Schiller University and non-university research institutes in Jena offer several graduate programmes to obtain a PhD degree. The MLS Master's degree also provides you with excellent opportunities to join national and international biotechnology companies.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Language requirements

    Advanced English skills (certified)
    Basic German skills (level A1)

    Academic requirements

    BSc degree in biology, biochemistry, molecular biology, or a similar field

    Enrolment fees

    Semester fee (Student Services and Student Self-Government) including semester ticket for free use of public transport: approx. 190 EUR per semester and a one-off fee of 20 EUR for a multifunctional student ID card (Thoska)

    Costs of living

    We recommend that you budget at least 600 EUR per month for accommodation and food, and for books a further 50 EUR per semester.

    Arrival support

    Students are advised to arrive at Jena University by 1 October for the winter semester. Before classes start Jena University offers an orientation week in order to introduce international students to the city and university. Information about the orientation week is sent with the letter of admission.

    Services and support for international students

    At the Friedrich Schiller University Jena, the International Office assists all international students and can direct them to the department responsible for answering any questions they may have. Jena University has ERASMUS agreements with more than 200 European partners and 30 bilateral agreements with partners in Eastern and South-Eastern Europe, the USA, Canada, and Japan. 2,200 international students come from 85 countries.
    There is a comprehensive programme of counselling, administrative support, language courses, and tutoring for incoming students. The International Office also arranges accommodation for students who come to Jena on exchange or scholarship programmes.
    The rooms in the student residences are distributed by Student Services ("Studentenwerk Thueringen": Private apartments are also available, but students must find them on their own. Student tutors assist incoming students by meeting them at the train station, showing them to their rooms, introducing them to the university and its facilities, familiarising them with the city of Jena, introducing them to student life, and helping them with their paperwork. Student associations and groups offer a wide variety of joint activities and events, tandem language courses, concerts, excursions, etc., all of which help the international students to feel welcome and integrated. The Language Centre offers German language courses at several different levels.


    Accommodation in student residences is available. Please apply at the "Studentenwerk Thüringen" (
    For further information, please visit our website at

    You can also look for single or shared private accommodation yourself. In the buildings of the university, there are numerous information boards with accommodation offers. Note, however, that the availability of private accommodation in Jena is rather limited.
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