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    Sound knowledge of general management forms the basis for success. Executives must have an overview of business processes as well as expert use of the most important tools and figures. Management, however, goes further: communication and leadership skills are vital in today's world. This is where the Executive MBA comes in. The programme ensures that students gain a full understanding of companies, business processes, and functions because it is now more important than ever to think in a networked, integrated manner and look beyond the borders of any given field.

    Executive MBA modules:
    Strategy & Organisation
    Organisational Change & Communication
    Finance & Accounting
    Innovation, Entrepreneurship & Digital Transformation
    Stakeholder Management
    Leadership & Cooperation
    International Management & Intercultural Communication
    Individual Leadership Development
    Personal Development Programme
    In addition: elective modules

    Educational organisation

    Format: The 75-day programme is designed to meet the needs of working people and business founders. It consists of 10 blocks of attendance, comprising various mandatory and elective modules.
    During your studies, you can avail yourself of our personal development programme and the associated mentoring programme as well as our Individual Leadership Development Programme. Our individual leadership style analysis is a special offer for Executive MBA participants. It focuses on the development process of responsible leadership in the context of internationally oriented organisations and companies.

    Learning environment: classroom sessions, small interdisciplinary teams, constructive participant-to-lecturer ratios, case studies, company visits, evening sessions

    Teaching staff: The staff includes professors from TUM, Tsinghua University Beijing, and other internationally renowned universities. In addition to the main lecturers for each module, the Executive MBA involves numerous other experts from academia and industry who share their experience and create direct connections with the professional environment.

    Globalisation and exchange: As well as working in Munich, you will gain international experience by spending time at Tsinghua University Beijing (China).

    Study abroad unit(s)

    For many years, TUM has enjoyed close strategic cooperation with Tsinghua University in Beijing. As a result, our MBA students have the opportunity to study at one of Asia's most renowned universities and visit courses at Tsinghua School of Economics and Management as well as at the Institute of Public Relations & Strategic Communications.
    The two-week stay in Beijing provides an overview of one of the world's most dynamic economies and its political, historical, and cultural features. Particular attention is paid to the specifics of communications in China, in and with the media as well as with business partners. In addition, company visits and evening sessions with experienced entrepreneurs paint an authentic picture of economic life in China.

    Forms of assessment

    Grading is based on presentations, case studies and assignments during and between the attendance blocks. Following the attendance blocks, your Master's thesis has to be written within three months on a topic/project of your choice. Both the graded tasks and the Master's thesis are directly related to the working environment, benefiting the students and the companies in equal measure.

    Course objectives

    When you choose the Executive MBA at the TUM School of Management, you are choosing one of the most renowned universities in Germany and Europe!

    • Learn holistically with our integrated management approach
    • Choose the right combination: general management with leadership and communication
    • Acquire intercultural skills by discussing global issues, participating in the international student body and stays abroad
    • Learn bilingually in English and German
    • Stay up to date through our demand-oriented continuing education with our foundation partners and numerous other business partnerships
    • Get the best of both worlds with cutting-edge international research and entrepreneurial practice
    • Push yourself through personal development options during the MBA course
    • Benefit from sufficient attention through individual support and proficient organisation
    • Make connections by networking with other students and alumni
    • Get to know our excellent partner centre abroad: Tsinghua University in Beijing.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Language requirements

    The programme language is English. Proficiency in English is essential in order to be able to communicate professionally.

    Academic requirements

    • Third-level degree (university or similar)
    • Several years of professional experience
    • Application form
    • Copy of passport or ID
    • Letter of motivation
    • Certified copy of degree certificate and transcript
    • Successful admission interview

    Enrolment fees

    Approx. 115 EUR per semester
    The fee includes a semester ticket covering public transport in Munich.

    Costs of living

    In order to cover personal expenses while studying in Munich, we recommend a budget of at least 800 EUR per month.

    Arrival support

    TUM's International Center offers a special programme tailored for international students, TUMinternational (TUMi). The TUMi programme provides help and advice for new students as well as a cultural programme with events scheduled both prior to and during the academic periods.
    The service desk of the Student Service Center is the first contact point for international students. We are here to help you with issues such as applications, enrolment, student ID cards, etc. Furthermore, we offer various three- to six-week summer schools combining academics with a rich menu of educational and social activities as a foretaste of university life. For international students who have been admitted to a degree programme, the Student Service Center offers a four-week pre-study course designed to help you get started at the TUM. Students new to TUM are invited to the service fair "Fit for TUM", which takes place before the semester officially starts, to get an overview of the various offerings of support services at TUM. See:
    Learning German: While the language of instruction for many of TUM's postgraduate programmes is English, learning German and thus being able to participate in daily German life at a deeper level enriches the experience of studying and living in Munich. TUM's Language Centre offers language classes for students at all levels, both prior to and during the semester: See:

    Services and support for international students

    In addition to support services offered by TUM International Center and the Student Service Center (SSZ), the faculty also has its own adviser for international students.


    It is not easy to find a place to live in Munich - but it is not impossible either! TUM supports students and employees in their search for accommodation, providing personal advice, in-house listings and useful information to ensure that you can quickly find a place to call your own. See:
    With high rents and not enough rooms in halls of residence, the Munich rental market is one of the most competitive in Germany - especially for students. The city boasts over 1.4 million inhabitants, with more people moving to Munich every year - many of them attracted by the excellent study opportunities that Munich has to offer.
    Student halls of residence usually offer affordable accommodation for students. The Munich Student Union runs most of these halls of residence. For more information, see:
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