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    Emphasis is placed on a critical approach to training, the quality of the content and the mission to nucleate research. The graduate program in surgery is taught by faculty members from the department of surgery and other accredited lecturers. The program is governed by the general regulations for graduate courses at UNICAMP and the rules for graduate programs at the Faculty of Medical Sciences.
    The master’s and doctoral courses in the major areas of surgery and experimental research are open to individuals who have completed an undergraduate course  preferably in medicine, biology or a related subject  in a legally accredited higher education institution.

    Major Area: Surgical Pathophysiology
    Lines of Research

    • 1. Assessment of the peripheral vascular system by non-invasive methods
    • 2. Assessment of medical teaching in surgery
    • 3. Functional assessment in heart surgery
    • 4. Experimental carcinogenesis
    • 5. Surgery and quality of life
    • 6. Development of biomaterials
    • 7. Development of new technologies in urology
    • 8. Development and assessment of new anesthetic techniques
    • 9. Development and assessment of new surgical techniques – clinical and experimental models
    • 10. Development and assessment of new techniques for mechanical ventilation
    • 11. Lower urinary tract dysfunctions and female sexuality
    • 12. Movement and locomotion disorders
    • 13. Metabolic study of morbid obesity during the preoperative and postoperative periods
    • 14. Studies of gait disorders associated with neuromuscular and/or bone metabolism disorders and tetraplegia
    • 15. Immunology and transplants
    • 16. Ischemia and reperfusion
    • 17. Trauma mechanisms and their anatomical and pathophysiological consequences
    • 18. Clinical and epidemiologic models for assessing digestive system transplants
    • 19. Clinical and epidemiological models for studying intestinal inflammatory diseases
    • 20. Clinical and epidemiological models for assessing surgical treatment of solid tumors
    • 21. Clinical and epidemiological models for assessing visceral and sphincteric alterations and motility
    • 22. Clinical and experimental models for assessing critical patients
    • 23. Models for investigating embryopathogenesis and intrauterine treatment of congenital defects
    • 24. Gastroesophageal motility and reflux
    • 25. Myocardial preservation

    Major Area: Experimental Research

    Ph.D. IN SURGERY (89D)

    Required Activity

    • AA002   Doctorate Thesis

    Required Courses

    • CI209    Seminars on Surgical Research II

    Note: Optionally, students can attend the course CL124 – Uro-Oncology Based on Evidence; however, these credits will not be counted for the minimum number of credits in courses.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    To be eligible for admission as a degree-seeking graduate student (i.e., masters or doctoral programs), students must hold a university degree. Admission to graduate programs is subject to course-specific standards and requirements, which vary from one field to another. In order to find out these requirements, the student must get in touch with the specific department and request admission information (selection procedures, deadlines, etc). In general, applicants are evaluated by means of a written exam, a study plan and personal interviews.

    Foreign students have their requests and documents initially reviewed by the Graduate Program Coordinator of the program he/she is interested. If accepted, a letter of conditional acceptance at the university will be issued and emailed to the student with a digital certification. This will enable the student to apply for a student visa, required for class registration upon arrival. You should not try to come on a tourist visa: A change of visa status after entering Brazil is not possible.

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