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Department of European Law of the Faculty of Law of Charles University in Prague offers a Ph.D. programme in European Law. The programme is oriented on theoretical questions of European Union and European Union Law including impacts on international trade or economic, monetary and financial issues. The programme offers also focus on human rights issues in European context including a position of individuals in the EU Law.

General course – lectures:

  • European law and Finality of the European Union
  • System of European Law and National Legal Orders
  • European Protection of Human Rights
  • Legal Aspects of European Economic Integration
  • EU External Relations Law
  • Individuals in EU Law

Possible topics of doctoral thesis

  • Application of EU Law in the Czech Republic
  • The Principle of Subsidiarity and the Role of National Parliaments in EU Law
  • Minority Rights in the European Union
  • The Concept of EU Citizenship
  • Exhaustion of Intellectual Property Rights
  • EU Competition and Intellectual Property Law
  • European Monetary Law
  • Europeanization of Criminal Law

Program requirements

The electronic application forms should be submitted by means of the Charles University Information system at .

Immediately after completing the electronic application form in the Information System of Charles University send the application by mail to the following address

Univerzita Karlova v Praze
Právnická fakulta
Referát doktorského studia
nám. Curieových 7
116 40 Praha 1

or submit the application in person at the Filing Office of the Faculty of Law including the following:

a) a notarized copy of a university diploma along with the diploma supplement (in case of earlier graduates the certificate of state exam) verifying the graduation from a Master´s or equivalent programme of study; this duty does not apply to graduates of Master’s programme of study at Charles University Faculty of Law who graduated after the 1st January 2008;
b) a detailed (professional) curriculum vitae, containing information on the applicant’s professional activities (experience in legal practice) along with a list of publications (if applicable);
c) an outline of the applicant’s dissertation of approximately 7 - 8 pages signed by the expected advisor; the outline of the dissertation must be also sent in electronic form to the guarantor of the relevant branch of study;

d) in case of applying for full-time form of study, applicants also submit written approval of the head of the department.

The application should be appended with a notarized copy of a university diploma along with the diploma supplement verifying the graduation from a Master´s or equivalent programme of study. 

Entrance examination

Regular date:

June 9, 2016

Substitute date:

June 21, 2016

Form of exam:


Form of study:

full-time or combined (in the former case a conditional consent of the department head will be submitted with the application)

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