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  • Local: n/a
  • Foreign: $ 1.77k / Year
  • Deadline:
  • 30 April 2017
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  • 288pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years

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    Within the Basel life science program, the Department of Environmental Sciences and its associates offer this comprehensive Master course for graduates with a background in biology or environmental sciences. The course builds upon the strength and leadership in functional ecology and conservation biology of the associated institutes and covers plant and animal sciences as well as ecosystem sciences. Course modules cover a wide spectrum of plant and animal ecology, ecosystem science and conservation biology, giving students the possibility of studying the interactions among organisms, between organisms and their environment, ecosystem processes and human influences on ecosystem integrity and biological diversity.

    • We offer a broad spectrum of course modules from which you choose your preferred topics.
    • We offer attractive field courses in Switzerland and abroad.
    • We employ modern laboratory methods, including molecular techniques. In our field work, we integrate plant and animal biology.
    • We emphasize theory based and experimental approaches.
    • Our research and teaching focuses on attractive biota such as highly diverse meadow systems, mixed forests and alpine ecosystems in Switzerland as well as arctic and tropical biota.
    • The biology section of the Department of Environmental Sciences is well known for its excellent research in population biology, biodiversity and conservation as well as global change research and runs unique research facilities such as the highest biological laboratory in the Alps at Furka Pass and the Swiss Canopy Crane (SCC) in a forest near Basel.

    The Master of Science degree is a postgraduate degree that requires a successfully completed Bachelor’s program. The program awards 90 ECTS credits in total. The Master’s degree program Ecology is a so called mono-course consisting of only one core subject. Supervised practical work over the course of one year constitutes the core of the studies. One ECTS credit point roughly equals 30 hours of studying.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    The following degree allows for direct admission to the Master's degree program Ecology: Bachelor of Science (BSc) in Biology from the University of Basel. Other Swiss or foreign degrees from an education institution recognized by the University of Basel have to be approved by the examination commission of the Faculty of Science.

    The University of Basel currently collects CHF 850 in tuition fees per semester, along with CHF 10 for the student body.

    Please note that there are also costs for books and, of course, your personal living expenses. The following list provides a general indication of monthly living expenses if you are not living at home with your family.

    Rent (room, shared living space, student dormitory)
    Minimum: CHF 400; Average: CHF 600

    Food, household, clothing
    Minimum: CHF 450; Average: CHF 600

    Minimum: CHF 200; Average: CHF 300

    Minimum: CHF 60; Average: CHF 90

    Learning materials
    Minimum: CHF 100; Average: CHF 150

    Tuition Fees
    CHF 140

    Minimum: CHF 150; Average: CHF 220

    Minimum: CHF 1500; Average: CHF 2100

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