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    Students enrolled in this program earn a Master in Business Administration (MBA). The MBA program at the American College aims at providing a highly-competitive education in management issues that will ultimately equip future managers to solve complicated problems and implement creative concepts in their work environment, which will benefit their organization.

    Aims and Objectives

    The MBA program aims at:

    * Preparing managers of high quality who will meet todays complex and multidimensional work environment;
    * Developing the necessary skills for operating efficiently an organization;
    * Developing managers who will be able to integrate the concept and tools of management with the realities of their own business environment; and
    * Fostering innovative entrepreneurs and creative business leaders with the vision and the skills to turn vision into reality.

    MBA Foundation Courses

    * Accounting
    * Business Computing
    * Business Mathematics and Statistics

    MBA Core Courses

    * Financial and Managerial Accounting
    * Managerial Economics
    * Financial Management
    * Marketing Management
    * Operations Management
    * Human Resource Management
    * Organizational Behavior
    * Quantitative Methods for Business
    * Strategic Management
    * Business Research

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    * A Secondary School Leaving Certificate or equivalent qualifications. * A university degree or equivalent qualifications. To apply for admission, applicants will be required to submit, beyond other documents, two references using the College reference form. The references should be from people who can comment thoughtfully on the applicants abilities. This may include current and/or former instructors, employers, and other associates. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 5 TOEFL paper-based test score : 500 TOEFL iBT® test: 61

    Scholarships are offered to students who demonstrate exceptional academic achievement while at the American College, depending on cumulative GPA score.
    Eligible for this type of financial aid are students who: * Are enrolled in courses in the semester/session for which they are applying for the scholarship.
    * Were enrolled for at least 30 undergraduate or 24 postgraduate ECTS credits during the preceding semester.
    * Have completed a minimum of 60 ECTS credits at the American College.


    This program of study is accredited.

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