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  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 24 March 2017
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 299pts.
  • Duration:
  • 3 years

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    The PhD Program on Law, Persons and the Market is dedicated to research themes concerning private, comparative and international law, with a strong impact on the cultural, scientific and practical levels relating to legal studies.

    The PhD program’s main objective is to graduate PHD graduates who will have strong methodological awareness of the issues involved in contemporary legal studies, and independent thinking skills, to meet the challenge posed by the constant evolution of  law, under the pressure of contemporary scientific and technological change.

    The program finally focuses on providing the candidates with the opportunity to make use of all those contributions, which, together with comparative law, put  law within in a more general context, which includes human and social sciences. In this regard, interdisciplinary research projects by the candidates will be strongly encouraged.  

    The lectures are taught by members of the Doctoral School and by scholars from the leading European institutions. Members of the legal community, who are involved in the development of  law at its highest levels (for instance members of the European judiciary), will be also be involved as teachers in the programme. Finally, experiences abroad in foreign research centers, will also be part of the PhD program.

    The general structure of the program aims at increasing our students’ abilities to contribute to innovative interpretations and approaches to law. At the same time, it encourages the development of new theoretical insights, while also maintaining a critical understanding of the various dimension of the legal experience.

    The PhD program is located at the frontier of the contemporary methodological approaches to private law in its a various aspects. It does so by fostering a deeper understanding of the theory of sources of law, through an analysis of the relationship between the domestic, European and international legal systems.

    The program intersects a combination various themes included in the EU’s VII Programma Quadro and the Horizon 2020 Program. Among the areas of study addressed in the program, there are a number of fields (health, information and communication technology, energy, environment, transport), which are essentially related to the above mentioned framework programmes.

    Our PhD programs give graduate students the opportunity to participate in scholarly encounters organized by other institutions, and to present their research within eminent academic centers.

    The Faculty also involves students in the organization of high level academic conferences. 

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Candidates of any citizenship and age can submit an application provided that they meet any of the following requirements:

    o A degree awarded by an Italian University prior to Ministerial Decree 509/99 (identified as L)

    o A second level degree awarded by an Italian University (pursuant to Ministerial Decree 509/99 and Ministerial Decree 270/04, i.e. laurea magistrale (LM) or laurea specialistica (LS)).

    o An international second cycle degree (Master’s degree level) or other equivalent academic qualification awarded by a foreign university and granting access to PhD studies.

    Candidates whose degrees (either from Italian or foreign universities) will be awarded after the deadline for application may apply on the condition that their qualification is obtained within 31 October 2017.


    The entrance exam, aimed at ascertaining the candidate's attitude to scientific research, will be carried out as outlined in each PhD Programme Information Sheet . Each candidate is ranked by the Examining Board using 100 points. The points awarded for each test, the criteria for attributing them and the threshold scores to pass to the next phase of the selection are listed in each PhD Programme Information Sheet. To assess international qualifications, the Examining Board will adopt equivalent criteria. During the entrance examination, the Board may test the foreign language skills specified by the candidate in the application form.

    Interviews may be conducted online, upon a duly reasoned request approved by the Examination Board.

    Positions offered by the PhD Programme (by the PhD Office): 7 positions with scholarship, of which  2 reserved to candidates with international qualifications of which:

    - 6 scholarships funded by the University

    - 1 funded by Compagnia di San Paolo

    There is also 2 positions without financial support.

    3 positions reserved to those students that have been selected within international mobility programmes or within international agreements in which the University of Torino participates, of which 1 TTIP-ITN (H2020-MSCA- ITN- 2016), nr. 2 CSC “China Scholarship Council”.

    The annual amount of the PhD scholarship is € 13.638,47, subject to modification in the event of a change in the law. This sum is subject to separate I.N.P.S. welfare contributions . The scholarship is confirmed on a yearly basis, provided that the PhD student has completed the required programme activities during the year and that the Academic board admits them to the successive year of the PhD. The scholarship is paid monthly in arrears. The amount of the scholarship is increased for any period of activity abroad by 50%, for a total period that must not exceed half of the duration of the PhD course. Scholarships funded by an external body and those that do not provide such benefits are not eligible for this increase. 

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