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  • Tuition Fee:
  • Local: $ 10.5k
  • Foreign: $ 10.5k
  • Languages of instruction:
  • English
  • Deadline:
  • 1 July 2019
  • StudyQA ranking:
  • 4941pts.
  • Duration:
  • 2 years

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    The Master in Management is a 2-year programme fully taught in English. The objective of the programme is to prepare graduates for the highest level managerial positions. The programme gives allows students to have the necessary business expertise, professional experience and managerial competencies to have all what it takes to excel in their future career. The postgraduate program offers students a professional management training, various dual-degree and exchange opportunities, executive internships and an international environment.

    The programme is accredited by the French Ministry of Higher Education and Research.

    There is a partnership with more than 80 exchange destinations and 20 dual-degree universities abroad.

    • First year

    • Finance
    • Management Control
    • Strategy
    • Information systems
    • Supply Chain Management
    • Organisational Behaviour
    • Creating Added Value for
    • Start-up Project
    • Mapping Controversies
    • Research Methodology (1)
    • Anglo-Saxon Language
    & Culture
    • French Language & Culture
    • Professional Coaching

    At ESC Clermont
    • International Development
    Strategy for companies
    • International Financial Tools
    • Intercultural Management
    • International Marketing
    • Intrapreneurial Project
    • International Economics
    • Commercial Law
    • Geopolitics : Analysis
    • Anglo-Saxon Language &
    • French Language & Culture
    • Professional Coaching

    - SECOND SEMESTER - Exchange semester in a
    partner university (Optional)
    International experience is
    an asset allowing students to
    discover the world, become
    autonomous and learn another
    foreign language

    • Second year

    Normal track
    Second year at ESC Clermont
    First semester – Fall Second semester - Spring
    Specialization field in English* (Business
    Intelligence or Supply Chain Management)
    Internship of 6 months
    Obligatory internship of 6 months for all
    students to prepare for their managerial role
    upon finishing the programme
    Interdisciplinary Seminars
    Intended to allow students to understand the
    complexity of business and organizations
    operating in today’s challenging environment
    Research report
    Business Game
    Languages and cultures

    Dual-degree track:

    **Dual-degree from ESC

    **Second year at ESC
    Clermont while obtaining a
    dual degree

    MSc. in Project Management

    MSc. in International Commerce & Digital Marketing

    MSc. in Control, Audit & Corporate Finance

    MSc. in Business Intelligence & Analytics

    **Dual-degree track from abroad: Second year abroad
    Obtain a dual-degree from
    one of ESC Clermont’s
    various partner universities
    all over the world.

    France requirements for international students

    France propose a world-class higher education institutions in an international environment. The application process for international students is exactly the same as it is for french students but it's indispensable to contact with a platform “Etude in France” and the regional department of “Campus France” (a public institution in charge of promoting higher education and managing the reception and international mobility of students).

    Higher education is thus provided by two main types of institution: universities and "grandes écoles". «Grandes écoles» are the most reputable of the French education system. To win admission students get in by competitive examination, the institutions are relatively small, and classes in them small too. French universities are open to all “bacheliers”, or a student whom has passed their baccalaureate, and it's also easier to apply for the university program. 

    It is necessary to point out that the European local or an international student have to complete the application process in its entirety,  as well as submit all documentation at the time of submission so the procces suit to the ground for the students all over the world. Students are eligible for grants and other financial assistance from the governement to support study in France.

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    • Bachelor degree
    • Proficiency in English (Official TOEFL score of 550 at least, or IELTS 6.0)

    - There is no applictation fee. There are various flexible payments plans as well to pay the tuition fees.

    - Three main scholarships schemes are offered:

    • Early bird scholarships:

    Reduction on the fees for students who confirm their enrollment or pay the full fees before starting the programme.

    • Scholarships provided by ESC Clermont Foundation

    Scholarships based on three criteria: Financial situation, academic performance and behavior of the students.

    • Scholarships to go abroad:

    Scholarships allowing students to finance part of their stay in Europe as part of their study abroad in partner university or internship.

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