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    non eu: july 31; eu + cee: september 10


    This 2-year, full-time Masters Degree Course offers students a look at the contemporary practice of diplomacy and encourages students to explore significant issues of diplomatic management. Students are taught how decisions are made on the international level and how to influence them using efficient techniques of negotiations and interpersonal communication. Students enrolled in the program analyze and make conclusions based on critical understanding of key events in international politics.

    Objectives and learning outcomes This specialization will help students to: * analyze and make conclusions based on critical understanding of key events in international politics
    * gain awareness of the interaction between international organizations and institutions rooted in various cultures
    * understand and apply strategies for effective intercultural communication
    * estimate the role of new actors in diplomacy
    * acquire a sound knowledge and competent interpretation of diplomacy
    * critically assess data, information and ideas
    * develop a knowledge and understanding of the key political institutions
    * use negotiation techniques efficiently

    Employment perspectives * International organizations
    * Institutions of the EU, the UN or NATO
    * Embassies
    * Ministries
    * Public and regional administration
    * Non-governmental organizations
    * Departments of international relations in private companies and institutions
    * Cultural institutions Consulting companies

    Obligatory courses * Diplomacy: Theory and Practice
    * Diplomatic Protocol
    * Diplomatic and Consular Law
    * Media and Public Diplomacy
    * Strategies for Effective International Communication
    * European Security and Defense Policy
    * International Negotiations
    * Negotiating Across Cultures
    * Terrorism and Threats to International Security
    * Economic and Monetary Union and Finances and Budget of the EU
    * Globalization Process
    * Foreign and Security Policy of the US
    * Energy Security
    * International Relations in the Middle East
    * China in the Contemporary World
    * Foreign and Security Policy of the Russian Federation
    * Lobbing in International Environment
    * Successful Leadership Strategies
    * Islam in Europe: History and Cultural Heritage

    In addition to the above: * Elective Courses
    * MA Seminar

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    If you are genuinely interested in International Relations or Political Science and you are convinced that you are a well-qualified candidate, there are two really important elements of the admissions package that you have to get before becoming a student at our university: a proof of English proficiency and a legalization of your diploma (or an apostille) together with a certificate stating that you are entitled to study at a university/college.The legalization or the apostille together with the certificate are necessary to have your diploma nostrified (recognized) in Poland or to have it exempt from nostrification (in the case of Higher Education Diplomas).Important additional requirements for non-Polish citizens stemming from the legal regulations concerning recognition of school certificates and diplomas from institutions of higher education:a) Only diplomas issued in Polish or English can be considered. Diplomas issued in other languages have to be translated into Polish or English by an official translator or by the Polish Embassy or Consulate. b) While in Poland, international students will be required to nostrify their diplomas in a local educational council unless they come from the countries with which Poland has special recognition agreements English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6 TOEFL paper-based test score : 510 TOEFL iBT® test: 70
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