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  • 1 year

    application deadline usually falls at the beginning of october. for non-eu students, pre-enrollment deadline is in july.

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    The two-year program in Microelectronics is intended to offer a challenging high-level education and a stimulating research environment to talented students who hold a Bachelor degree in technology or science of substantial quality and level.

    The proposed program leverages a rather unique peculiarity of Pavia: the town houses several design and research centers of international semiconductor companies which tightly collaborate with the University to train students of high profile. Most companies host students for their graduation projects and participate, in co-operation with the University, in national and European research programs.

    STMicroelectronics supports a Laboratory housed inside the campus. Engineers graduated from Laurea Magistralis are nowadays employees of the most important international semiconductor companies in Italy and abroad: Austriamicrosystems, Broadcom, Conexant, Elpida Memory, Huawei, International Rectifier, Marvell, Maxim, MaxLinear, Micron, National Semiconductor, Qualcomm, STMicroelectronics.

    The Master's Program in Microelectronics provides graduate students with the cutting-edge knowledge and research skills needed for employment in the microelectronics industry.The first year is devoted to fundamental courses, aiming at strengthening the knowledge of applied mathematics and physics as well as at introducing students to the design of analog and digital Integrated Circuits (ICs).

    The second year is focused on advanced IC design. Many courses include lab activities where students can experiment with the topics covered in the lectures. Teaching labs are equipped with modern electronic instruments and state-of-the-art CAD tools for microelectronics design.

    A significant portion of the second year will be devoted to the graduation project, which entails participating in one of the Universitys advanced research programs or being involved in a project in cooperation with microelectronic companies.


    The course is addressed to talented students who hold a Bachelor degree in technology or science of substantial quality and level.


    All the courses are taught in English by higly qualified professors, with an internationally recognized scientific activity.

    University requirements

    How to apply

    If you are an international student and you want to enrol in a First, Second or Single Cycle Degree Programme at the University of Pavia, find out all the information needed to help you choose and register for a programme, completing the procedures in good time.

    Enrolment procedure for non EU-citizens residing outside Italy

    Pre-enroll at the italian embassy

    The regulations concerning the enrolment of EU and international citizens in Italian universities are outlined in the MIUR. International students residing abroad have to contact the Italian embassy or consulate in their country and submit a pre-enrollment application to our university DIRECTLY to them, the deadline is July 24, 2019. Pre-enrollment is not necessary if you are already in Italy with a regular permit of stay. It takes time to prepare documents and get an appointment, so contact the Italian embassy well in advance. Find here the Italian embassy in your country and check in their webpage which documents they ask.

    Italian language examination

    International candidates, who wish to enrol in degree courses taught in Italian, must pass the Italian language examination. Only candidates that pass the Italian examination can enrol in Pavia University. The examination will be held on September 2. In order to take the test prospective Students are requested to display the proof of payment of the registration fee (amount due: € 60.00).

    General culture examinations

    If you have a compulsory test in your country to access the university, you will need to sit a test also in our free access courses. If you pass an access test, no culture test is required.


    Students who are not in the rankings, or are not in a suitable position to be accepted, can submit a request, within specified dates and after the publication of remaining seats, about:

    1. Admission to another Unipv course (at the condition that the DOV states that the previous diploma is eligible for that academic course)
    2. Re-assignation, for the same academic course or for another, in another University. Interested students must contact the Institute in which they want to apply for details about their enrolment procedure.

    Candidates who have done the admission test in a different University can ask the re-assignation in a Unipv course at the condition that the DOV states that the previous diploma is eligible for University enrolment. To submit the re-assignation request, interested students must send a Direct Line through this link, attaching the certification of Italian language proficiency (or a document that shows its exemption) and the permission from the chosen University. Requests must arrive within the dates chosen by the University. After the deadline, reassignation will be completed.

    Program requirements

    In order to access the Master's Program, the applicant is required to hold a 5-year or 3-year degree, a 3-year diploma, or a foreign qualification degree as far as it is recognized by the Authorized University Board. English Language Requirements IELTS band: 4.5 TOEFL iBT® test: 60

    The University of Pavia is a public University, where teaching is financially supported by the State. Graduation projects are carried out in the framework of national, European and international programs and in collaboration with microelectronic companies.

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