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  • Local: $ 9.75k / Year (EEA)
  • Foreign: n/a
  • Languages of instruction:
  • Spanish
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  • 1730pts.
  • Duration:
  • 9 months



    o To improve the quality of life of elderly people through the work of community pharmacy organizations, geriatric care centers and hospitals. The general purpose of studying pharmaceutical care and specifically geriatric pharmaceutical care, is to reduce the risks of health service treatment and to improve the effectiveness of medication used among older patients;

    o To educate graduates with the knowledge and skills necessary for providing holistic and appropriate pharmaceutical care of the elderly;

    o To focus on the processes which comprise pharmaceuical care, from the prescription of medication to follow-up therapy and management, in line with established quality standards and a commitment to continuous improvement;

    o To promote collaboration between pharmacists and interdisciplinary teams;

    o To introduce graduates to applied research in this field.

    Professional Opportunities

    The professional opportunities available to graduates of this program include work inpharmacies and treatment centers for the elderly. In addition, those who meet the required standards may continue to doctoral work in this area.

    Student Profile

    Pharmacy Graduates with an interest in acquiring the skills necesary for cutting-edge pharmaceutical care of the elderly. Methodology

    o Classes on theory and practical casestudies; learning through problem-solving and work experience projects.

    o The Master´s Degree program comprises 30 ECTS (theory) and 30 ECTS (practical work); the latter will be carried out in geriatric care centers and evaluated through a research dissertation.

    University requirements

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