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    This MSc programme takes two years of full-time study, covering a wide spectrum of fields in Computer Science and Information Technology. It is suitable for students with diverse academic backgrounds, such as computer science, engineering, statistics, mathematics and related disciplines.

    The programme has been awarded with the GRIN 2014 Quality Label. GRIN is an Italian association that aims at promoting research and education in Computer Science.

    The curriculum

    The programme unfolds into three semesters of full-time lectures and lab experience. During the last semester students work on an individual project and dissertation, supervised by a department member. The curriculum is organized around two sets of elective courses, from which students have to build their study plan for qualification.

    Three study plans, which include specific groups of related elective courses, are suggested:

  • Information Sciences and Intelligent Systems, which covers state-of-the-art techniques in the fields of pattern analysis and data mining, information and knowledge systems, as well as on the various aspects of the design and evaluation of automated intelligent systems.
  • Software Dependability and IT Security, which covers a variety of aspects of software dependability and computer security; it includes workshops on network security, secure programming and software construction to provide the skills required for software development and computer security.
  • Information Systems and Statistical Analysis, which covers various aspects of the design and evaluation of information and knowledge systems, intelligent systems, and data analysis supported by statistical methodologies.
  • Each student will be tutored by a member of the Department to create a personalized study plan, which best fits her/his own scientific and technological interests, and academic background.

    The final project

    The final project is the culmination of the programme. The students will work intensively on a topic of her/his choice, while interacting on regular meetings with the project supervisor. The project can consist in the development of innovative software, or the investigation and analysis of existing designs and solutions; the topic can be any area of computer science or statistics. The project will get the student in touch with the most recent and novel research in the field. In several cases these projects lead to a PhD career.

    Graduate careers

    Students graduating from the MSc in Computer Science may use their new computing skills to enhance their employment prospects in work related to their first degree. Graduates interested in foundational, experimental, and applied research, can join our PhD Programme in Computer Science.

    The MSc programme in Computer Science adopts the European Credit Transfer and Accumulation System (ECTS), which aims at balancing the average workload of students with the learning outcomes and competences to be achieved. Each ECTS credit corresponds to 25 workload hours. The MSc programme comprises activities for a total of 120 ECTS credits. Students have to earn 90 credits by choosing a set of courses from two groups of electives. Finally, 30 credits are ascribed to the final project with a possible internship.

    To build a study plan, you can freely choose the exams within the rules. The teaching committe suggests three combination of activities (suggested study plans). Within the study plan you can add up to 13 credits choosing activities among the ones you didn’t choose in the 120 ECTS and the ones offered by other courses in Ca' Foscari University. Compiling the study plan is required to register for an exam.

    Type of educational activity: Core educational activities

    • Information Technology total CFU/ECTS: 60

    Type of educational activity: Interdisciplinary

    • Related or Additional Studies total CFU/ECTS: 18

    Type of educational activity: Elective - decided by individual student

    • Decided by individual student total CFU/ECTS: 12

    Type of educational activity: Final examination or foreign language knowledge

    • For the final examination total CFU/ECTS: 24

    Type of educational activity: Other

    • Educational training and career counselling total CFU/ECTS: 6

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    To enter the programme applicants need to have an equivalent of a three-year Italian undergraduate degree (Laurea) such as a BSc degree in Computer Science or related subject, with good background on fundamental topics in computer science and engineering, such as programming languages and software engineering, algorithms, computer architecture, operating systems, databases, and computer networks. Further requirements include basic knowledge of calculus, discrete mathematics, and probability and statistics, foundations of computer science.

    Scholarships are intended for:

    • students enrolled in First Cycle and Second Cycle Degree programmes;
    • part-time students enrolled in First Cycle and Second Cycle Degree programmes;
    • students with a four-year Degree awarded according to the ‘old system’ ('vecchio ordinamento', before Ministerial Decree no. 509/1999) only if they enrol in a Research Doctorate;
    • students enrolled in Research Doctorates;
    • students with disabilities (with a level of disability equal to or higher than 66%).

    Please note that a scholarship is granted for achieving an educational programme at any level for the first time.

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