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    This Second Cycle Degree Programme aims to train professionals with specific linguistic skills in the field of interpretation and (specialist and literary) translation, capable of using IT and multimedia technologies and tools. Translation, as an instrument of communication and foremost of mediation, deals with numerous linguistic, literary and socio-cultural topics, in a comparative and multicultural way.

    The courses include Italian-Chinese and Chinese-English consecutive interpretation, Chinese and Cantonese for Business, Chinese Translation for Mass Media and computer-assisted translation tools.
    Languages available: Chinese and Cantonese.

    Curricula available

    Students will be trained in processing and analysis of jargon of texts in Chinese, English and Italian. Any language skills acquired through the use of multimedia resources can be applied to computer-aided specialist translation and interpreting.

    Occupational profiles

    Second-cycle graduates may be employed as professional interpreters, translators (on a freelance basis or for translation agencies), officials in international companies and organisations.


    Open attendance

    Examination assessment and graduation

    Educational activities include classroom teaching, workshops and internships, in order to acquire wide-ranging skills that can be readily transferable into the world of work.

    Knowledge gained by students will be assessed through written and oral exams during their entire university career.
    The final exam consists in writing a thesis, which must possess the characters of originality, exhaustive documentation and scientific investigation and which will be discussed with a committee of university professors and experts.

    Access to further studies

    Specialist Master’s Programmes (1st and 2nd level) and Research Doctorates

    Level of qualification

    Second Cycle Degree Programme (Ministerial Decree no. 270/2004)

    Ministerial Degree Code

    LM-94 (Interpreting and Specialized Translating)


    School of Economics, Languages and Entrepreneurship
    Riviera Santa Margherita 76, 31100 Treviso (Italy)
    For further information please contact the Campus in Treviso (School of Economics, Languages and Entrepreneurship), e-mail:

    Head of Studies

    Prof. Nicoletta Pesaro (Teaching committee coordinator, e-mail:

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Unlimited entry, with evaluation of minimum curricular requirements according to fixed procedures. A proper individual educational background and a certified knowledge of English at minimum level B2 are required.Admission requirements are available in the relevant webpage.Places availableUnlimited entry subject to assessment of minimum requirements.
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    • Tuition Fee:
    • Domestic students: $ 2.24k / Year
    • International students: $ 5.89k / Year
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      • Tuition Fee:
      • Domestic students: $ 2.24k / Year
      • International students: $ 5.89k / Year
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        • Tuition Fee:
        • Domestic students: $ 2.24k / Year
        • International students: $ 5.89k / Year