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  • 1 year

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    The 2nd cycle Degree Programme prepares graduates for operating as experts in the sector of animal production and products of animal origin. The course teaches advanced knowledge necessary for managing zootechnical companies (including those operating in the aquaculture sector), centres of genetic improvements and plants for slaughtering, preservation and transformation of foods of animal origin.

    Graduates are involved in:

    * 1) Safety and quality of animal productions;
    * 2) Certification and quality control in laboratories and in the industry of products of animal origin;
    * 3) Development and management of new technologies in animal productions;
    * 4) Production and transformation of foods of animal origin.

    First Year


    * Animal Nutrition and Practical Feeding
    * Animal Production and Veterinary Legislation (Integrated Course)
    * 65868 Animal Protection and Veterinary Legislation
    * 11633 Animal Productions
    * English Language Test B - 2
    * Farm Organization and Marketing
    * Aquaculture, Avi-culture and Rabbit Culture
    * Biotechnologies applied to Animal Production (Integrated Course)
    * 65860 Methods of Molecular Genetics for the Improvement of Livestock Production
    * 65863 Innovative Reproductive Technologies in Zootechnical Species
    * Health in Animal Production (Integrated Course)
    * 65873 Health and Hygiene in Aquaculture
    * 65870 Communicable Diseases and Public Health

    Second Year


    * Food Safety (Integrated Course)
    * 36619 Toxicology of Residues in Food-Producing Animals and their Products
    * 66019 Certification and Traceability of Food of Animal Origin
    * Microbiology of Animal Food Products
    * Work Placement (2nd Cycle)
    * Final Examination (2nd Cycle)
    * Food Technology: Dairy, Meat and Fishery Products
    * Quality Descriptors in Acquatic and Terrestrial Animal Foods


    * Human Nutrition and Food of Animal Origin
    * Systems and Technologies for a Sustainable Livestock Production
    * Ethology and Animal Welfare
    * Genomic, Nutrigenomic and Traceability Applied to Animal Productions

    University requirements

    Requirements for non-EU students

    Non-EU students with residency abroad, pre-enrolment at Italian Embassies and entry visa. Every year, a quota of reserved places for non-EU students with residency abroad is set for each degree programme.

    Find out how many reserved places there are by consulting the online database on the MIUR website. For restricted access degree programmes, the quota is also indicated in the calls for applications. For enrollment, first submit your application for pre-enrolment (Form A) at an Italian Embassy (or Consulate) in the country you live in (only under exceptional circumstances can you contact an Italian Embassy in a third-party country, and in such cases the Embassy may refuse your application).

    You will be able to pre-enrol for a.y. at the Italian Embassy or Consulate in your country in April/May. This page will be updated with more detailed information as soon as the Italian Ministry for Education, University and Research (MIUR) will set pre-enrolment deadlines for a.y.

    Important: pre-enrolment at the Italian Embassy alone does not grant admission to degree programmes. In order to matriculate you also need to complete the admission procedures required by the University of Bologna for the degree programme you have chosen.

    Required documents

    You must take the following documents to the Italian Embassy:

    • the application for pre-enrolment (Form A) duly completed;
    • any language competence certificates (for more details please refer to the information provided concerning the possibility for exemption from the Italian language test and exemption from the Italian language test and the quota);
    • two passport photos; 
    • the documents required for the visa application, including a health insurance policy where applicable;
    • the required documents if you hold a foreign qualification.

    You must obtain the following documents from the Italian Embassy:

    • an authenticated passport photo; 
    • an entry visa to Italy for study  purposes (“studio- immatricolazione università”);
    • a stamped health insurance policy, where applicable;
    • the required documents if you hold a foreign qualification:
      find out how to enrol in a First cycle or Single cycle degree programme and the required documents if you hold a foreign qualification
      find out how to enrol in a Second cycle degree programme and the required documents if you hold a foreign qualification 

    Itailan Language test

    Italian language test and exemptions from the reserved quota for non-EU students with residency abroad

    If you are a non-EU students with residency abroad and you want to enrol in a degree programme taught in the Italian language, you must successfully pass an Italian language test. After passing the Italian language test, you also need to complete the admission procedures set for the degree programme you have chosen. The University of Bologna offers Italian language courses to international students.

    Program requirements

    For admission to a Second Cycle Degree Programme, you must have one of the following qualifications: * first Cycle Degree; * second Cycle Degree; * University Diploma; * qualification issued by the Fine Arts Academies, National Dance Academy, National Dramatic Arts Academy, Higher Institutes for Artistic Industries, Conservatories and equivalent musical institutes, according to the system in force on the date of entry into force of Italian Law no. 508 of 21/12/99 (provided that the candidates also possess a high school diploma); * original foreign university or post-secondary qualification (you must check the suitability of the qualification).The qualification must comply with the curricular requirements laid down for the Programme you wish to enrol in.To enrol in a Second Cycle Degree Programme with open access, you must also sit the entrance exam.

    The University of Bologna offers Unibo Action 2 study grants to deserving international students, who wish to register for Second Cycle Degree Programmes in A.Y. 2014/2015. The grants, worth 11,000 gross, are assigned on the basis of the GRE (Revised General Test) test scores. Read the full information on the requirements and the application procedure in the call for applications, available on the website of the University of Bologna. The deadline to apply for these grants is March 31st, 2014.

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