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  • 26 September 2016


    The Master Program History and Diffusion of Philosophical Ideas holds as primary objective the research of those ideas that configure the relation between the philosophical conscience and the time when philosophy is recognized as an important manner of constituting our identity. This educational program is intended to carry on to a further point, on a more profound level, the research orientation provided by the Chair of History of Philosophy and Philosophy of Culture, offering an understanding of the history of philosophy by means of reconstructing the human condition in its philosophical determination. The Master Program covers historical arias and spiritual dimensions which are relevant for any periodization and standard topology in the history of philosophy, generally in the history of thought, and develops meta-theoretical and interdisciplinary approaches which provide unity and coherence to the entire Masteral Program of our Faculty.

    The philosophical researches developed in the context of the didactic activity require phenomenological and hermeneutical methods and means of interpretation for the problems raised in the historical context of various philosophies. The specific character of philosophical ideas in their diffusion throughout time requires also an interpretation of the transgression of various historical conditions which may be seen as the goal for any historical and philosophical research.

    The Master Program aims to offer a balance between the excellence of teaching and the implication of students in the research projects undergone in The Center for the Study of History of Philosophical Ideas.

    Study Program

    * History of Philosophical Ideas - History of Philosophy
    * The Greek Philosophical Thought. Between Oral and Written Culture
    * The Philosophical History of Rhetoric
    * The Synchronism in the Cultural Construction
    * Greek Philosophy - Roman Philosophy
    * Neo-Platonism and Christian Thought
    * Theories of Representation. The Study of the Imaginary
    * Practical Activity
    * The Phenomenology from Brentano to Husserl
    * Philosophical Ideas in Art
    * Modernism-Antimodernism-Postmodernism
    * French Phenomenology. Alterity and Corporeity
    * An Ethical and Anthropological Perspective on Violence. The Holocaust and the Terrorism
    * Practical Activity
    * MA Thesis Preparation

    University requirements

    Program requirements

    Letter of Intent (to be submitted at registration) (2) Interview Selection criteria for equal media: media licensing DOCUMENTS REQUIRED: * Baccalaureate degree original (or certified copy) * birth certificate - certified copy * ID Card Copy * medical certificate * 3 photos (ID type) * Fee - 120 Ron (payable to Secretariat)
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