Viticulture and Oenology

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The viticulture and wine education programs have an international reputation for excellence. The Waite campus houses state-of-the-art facilities including its own vineyard and the Hickinbotham Roseworthy Wine Science laboratory.

This program incorporates courses in both viticulture and oenology and qualifies graduates to work as either a viticulturist, oenologist (winemaker) or in related professions (eg hospitality and tourism, and the food and beverage industry). Viticulture is the study of grape vines and their cultivation and includes site selection, vineyard establishment, management of pests and diseases and the informed application of irrigation and fertilizer to optimise vineyard yield and grape quality.

The viticulturist typically works closely with the winemaker to achieve the desired winemaking outcome. The winemaker utilises their training in the science of winemaking (oenology), to process grapes for the production of white, red still and sparkling and fortified wines. The viticulturist/winemaker often contributes to in-house research, sales and promotion of the finished product.

Throughout the program, there is an emphasis on the key technical methods and sensory (wine tasting) skills required for a career in viticulture and oenology.

The Waite campus is co-located with a number of research partners, providing a stimulating and unique environment for training, exposing candidates to the latest technologies and enabling them to learn from leaders in their field.

The master's is a 48 unit program of advanced coursework, including all core courses, a range of electives, and the option to undertake either a 12 unit research option or a 12 unit professional experience component in either a viticulture or oenology discipline.

Students undertaking the graduate diploma will take the same courses as those undertaking the first year of the master's program; satisfactory completion will enable a student to apply for the master's program. Graduate diploma undertake all core courses (except Advances in Oenology).

Core Courses

  • VITICULT 7002WT Viticultural Science A

  • VITICULT 7021WT Viticultural Science B

  • VITICULT 7038WT Viticultural Methods & Procedures

  • OENOLOGY 7028WT Introductory Winemaking

  • OENOLOGY 7019WT Sensory Studies

  • OENOLOGY 7047WT Winemaking at Vintage

  • OENOLOGY 7022WT Cellar and Winery Waste Management

  • OENOLOGY 7010WT Stabilisation and Clarification

  • OENOLOGY 7520WT Advances in Wine Science

Choice of:

  • Professional Experience


  • Research Project


  • OENOLOGY 7046WT Fermentation Technology

  • OENOLOGY 7038WT Distillation, Fortified and Sparkling Wines

  • PLANT SC 7240WT Soil & Water: Management & Conservation

  • PLANT SC 7245WT Plant Health A

  • SOIL&WAT 7003WT Topics in Soil and Land Systems

  • SOIL&WAT 7030WT GIS for Agriculture & Natural Resource Management

  • SCIENCE 7020 Communicating Science

  • BIOMET 7000WT Research Methodology and Experimentation


Additional relevant courses selected with the approval of the Program Advisor

Domestic applicantsGraduate entry only. A completed Bachelor's degree in a relevant field with a GPA of 5.0 or better. Applicants with a GPA between 4.5 and 5.0 may be considered. Please note the program is only available for Semester 2 entry.International applicantsGraduate entry only Prerequisites Relevant degree or equivalent in Agriculture, Biology, Plant Science, Science or Engineering. Equivalent Scores IELTS Overall 6Reading 5,5Listening 5,5 Speaking 6Writing 6 English Language Requirements IELTS band: 6
Postgraduate Coursework Scholarships Name of Scholarship
  • Australian Building Codes Board (ABCB) Research Scholarship
  • Walter and Dorothy Duncan Trust
  • Fulbright Indigenous Scholarship
  • AFUW (SA) Scholarships & Bursaries
  • The AR Riddle Grant
  • AustCham China Scholarship Program
  • Australian Psychological Society Bursaries for Postgraduate Psychology Students of Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander Descent
  • The University of Adelaide Student Industry Partnerships
  • The Charlie Bell Scholarship for Future Leaders
  • Covidien Master of Minimally Invasive Surgery Scholarships
  • Cowan Overseas Travelling Scholarships
  • The Denis Harwood Entrepreneurial Scholarship
  • Department of Education and Child Development Professional Experience Scholarships
  • Department of Education and Child Development New Beginnings Scholarships
  • The Doris West Scholarship
  • The Elizabeth Keam AM Master of Nursing Science Scholarship
  • Grosset Gaia Fund Postgraduate Scholarship
  • The Marcos Andreas Agapitos Michael Scholarship in Architecture
  • The Mason Family Scholarship in the Communication of Science
  • Smolicz Award Language Teaching Scholarship
  • The Trevor Prescott Scholarship
  • Water Research Australia Scholarships
  • Winifred E Preedy Postgraduate Bursary
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