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Izmir University of Economics, which is the first foundation university in Izmir and in Aegean region, was established in 2001 by “Izmir Chamber of Commerce Education and Health Foundation” in accordance with the provisions of Turkish Republic Constitution, Law No: 2547, Higher Education Law and Regulations about Foundation Higher Education Institutions.  Izmir University of Economics aims to nurture individuals who are creative and entrepreneurial, dedicated and wholly committed to Ataturk’s principles and reforms.

The University currently has 7 Faculties, 2 Schools, 3 Vocational Schools, 2 Graduate Schools, and 9 Research Centres.

These academic units offer 17 different associate degree programs, 36 different undergraduate programs, 31 different graduate programs, and 6 different PhD programs.

Seven of the undergraduate programs being offered are dual diploma programs executed jointly with the USA-(SUNY) New York State University.

Departments of “Culinary Arts and Management” and “Fashion and Textile Design” accept students through pre-registration and associate degree programs accept students through student selection and placement centre (placed by OSYM).

Izmir University of Economics has ERASMUS program agreement with 127 universities abroad and has academic cooperation protocol with 29 universities.

  • Engineering and Computer Sciences

    Engineers play an essential role in today’s fast developing world of science and technology in which Information, Production and Electrical Technologies are among the flagship fields. The aim of the Faculty of Engineering and Computer Sciences (FECS) is to become a leading source of knowledge and information, to expand and improve principles, processes and techniques in Computer Engineering, Software Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Civil Engineering and Food Engineering, and to educate the much-needed experts and scientists in these fields.

    Producing engineers who can acquire and utilize knowledge to carry out the projects of the future is the main target at FECS and comprehensive education programs in these fields are offered for this purpose. FECS is well aware of the fact that applying science and technology to solve real world problems is an essential formation for an engineer in this increasingly challenging and demanding world. That is exactly the reason why we offer a student-centered environment with personal attention from faculty.
    Our undergraduate curriculum provides a solid background in basic science courses as well as engineering courses. In order to provide the students with a broad intellectual spectrum, elective courses in humanities and social sciences are also offered. Wide collections of technical elective courses are offered in junior and senior years to let students concentrate on specific tracks of interest if they wish. In fields with widespread application areas, students are provided with focused education by offering them special option programs. In this context, "Computer Games"and "Web Engineering" option programs were opened. Both of our  two option programs are supported with the expert faculty members in their fields and laboratories with the necessary hardware and software.

    Four separate departments are formed within the Faculty: Computer Engineering, Electrical and Electronics Engineering, Industrial Engineering, Software Engineering, Civil Engineering and Food Engineering. Courses of study in each department conform to the principles and suggestions of IEEE (Institute of Electrical and Electronics Engineers), ACM (Association for Computing Machinery) and IIE (Institute of Industrial Engineers). In conducting courses at FECS, faculty exchange programs established with foreign universities are being utilized extensively.

    Graduates of our faculty earn a background on which they can plan careers where they can undertake active roles in multidisciplinary project teams in both national and international companies, or they can proceed to master’s and doctoral-level studies in an academic lane.

  • Business

    Our Faculty of Business offers undergraduate degrees in Accounting and Auditing, Business Administration, Economics, Insurance and Risk Management, International Trade and Finance, Political Science and International Relations, Business Administration, and Logistic Management including dual diploma programs with the New York State University at New-Paltz and at Cortland. We regularly review and revise our curriculum and teaching technologies with the help of student feedback and aim to fruitfully enjoy this period of being together.

    Izmir University of Economics is the most preferred university within the Aegean region as well as Turkey, which acts as a precursor and a model, bound to its ethical values, with relevant and innovative programs, which graduates entrepreneurs who develop and influence the areas and countries that they work in. Recent URAP (University Ranking by Academic Performance) our University ranked among top 500 universities in three different fields.

    Since its establishment in 2001, our University was able to infuse its leading mission in many diverse areas. As an international university, all courses of our Faculty are taught in English. Moreover, our university offers second language courses in a wide spectrum of languages from Spanish to Japanese that are mandatory for 8 semesters. You will find opportunities to practice this second language with your peers from different countries.

    During your undergraduate years, in order to fully utilize our University’s academic and social offerings, our academic staff, who are renowned for their knowledge and research both in the international and domestic circles; and our administrative staff, who are leaders in their areas, will always be available with a jovial disposition. Faculty of Business is made up of dynamic and accessible academic staffs who are experts in their areas. We update our curricula in line with the global trends in higher education, with the aim of instilling lifelong values. In the first two years of your four-year education, you will be able to choose courses in art, natural sciences, social sciences and many more that will provide a holistic general education, while allowing personal development. In the last two years of your education, besides mandatory departmental courses, you will be able to choose from different university wide elective courses that will allow you to develop in any area that is of interest. To strengthen the theoretical academic education with the needs of industry, we have infused internships, graduation projects, case studies, and industry projects within our renovated curriculum. Such a relation between our School and industry lead to our graduates having no employment problems.

    Moreover, with the Erasmus student exchange program you will be able to study abroad in an EU country for a semester. Our campus is close to many public transportation lines, and malls. Furthermore, it houses many diverse students clubs, a rich library, a computer center with only the newest technological equipment, a health center, and psychological development and counseling center.

  • Fine Arts and Design

    The objective of the Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Fine Arts and Design is to prepare students for careers in design on a national and international scale. This is accomplished by focusing on advanced technologies, natural resources, social and cultural heritage and through close cooperation with industry.

    Hence, the aim is to prepare students for careers that will help Turkey’s competitive edge in design, production, personnel management, corporate organization and the branding and marketing of products which will meet the needs of both domestic and international markets.

  • Arts and Sciences

    Our philosophy as the Faculty of Arts and Sciences at the Izmir University of Economics is to educate our students according to the highest international standards by offering them an innovative and modern research atmosphere, while receiving a top most quality instruction that scientific reasoning and technology can provide.

    We aspire to motivate students to become scientifically creative and to support their effort so that they are successfully prepared for a competitive global business and/or academic world. Our faculty began producing graduates in the year 2006. Our graduates have achieved a great deal of success. We are proud of our graduates who, after a qualified ducation in our faculty, have had an academic career by continuing postgraduate educations in the USA and in Europe, and who hold significant positions after proving themselves in their business lives. Faculty of Arts and Sciences consists of distinguished Turkish and foreign academicians known for their important contributions to science. Their international science-citation indexed publications play a significant role in receiving top professional recognition for our institution.

    The Department of Mathematics faculty members collaborate with academics from international institutions of higher education such as McMaster University (Canada), George Washington University (USA), Rider University (USA), Bar-Ilan University (Israel), Ben-Gurion University (Israel), University of Wisconsin-Milwaukee (USA). The newly founded department of psychology started instruction in 2005-2006 Academic year. We diligently strive to achieve the same level of success in this department as well.

  • Communication

    We are in communication with our surroundings from the moment we are born; in the contemporary world, this communications-pattern shifts constantly among newspapers, social sharing sites such as Facebook and Twitter, TV channels, websites, movies, and mobile phones. Such a dynamic world of communication demands qualified communicators who can add something to it. We train such communicators.

    The Faculty of Communication is among the seven faculties of IUE, the first Foundation University of Izmir. It was established in 2001 and started educating students during the 2003-2004 academic year. IUE has the privilege of providing education in Izmir, the third largest city of Turkey, where the first newspaper was printed (before Istanbul), a city with a tradition of strong local media and regional journalism as well immersion in the mainstream media coming out of Ankara and Istanbul.

    We provide education in three departments:
    ▪ Public Relations and Advertising
    ▪ Media and Communication
    ▪ Cinema and Digital Media

    We have a Public Relations and Advertising Dual-Diploma Program as part of a dual-diploma program with State University of New York. Students can attain dual diplomas by doing Double Majors, or they can gain a certificate by completing a Minor Program. We offer graduate education in the Media and Communication Studies Graduate Program.

    Close ties with the communications and media world
    Our Advisory Board is composed of representatives of the media and communications sector in Izmir; we work closely with the sector through recognized part-time faculty members.Apart from the two-month compulsory internship, we allow our students to do an internship during the semester as they continue with their formal education. We also frequently bring our students together with representatives of the sector, apart from academic courses.

  • Law

    Izmir University of Economics Faculty of Law, which was established with the decision of the Council of Ministers dated 12.07.2010 and numbered 2010/723, was authorized to start instruction on May 2012.

    Faculty of Law, which started instruction on the eleventh academic year of Izmir University of Economics that was established in 2001, is one of the seven faculties of Izmir University of Economics, the first foundation university of Izmir and Aegean Region. There are important benefits to being the Faculty of Law of a nationally and internationally recognized University, and carrying out joints projects with other units of the University such as the School of Foreign Languages. Besides the English language training, with Academic Skills Courses in English; you will be able to acquire occupational English grammar, understand and discuss legal texts and court decisions in English; prepare international commercial contracts; interpret international legal texts and European Union acquis; have the necessary experience to take part in international establishments, foreign courts, and arbitration courts.

  • Health Sciences

    Izmir University of Economics is known with its pioneering perspective since its establishment. Given this in hand, Izmir University of Economics had founded the “Faculty of Health Sciences” in accordance with the ordinance published in official gazette at 10.10.2012 numbered 28437. As of 2013, “Faculty of Health Sciences” is the youngest faculty of İzmir University of Economics.

    Health, which is defined as the state of complete physical, mental and social well-being and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity, cannot be accomplished with practices which only target medical treatments. Therefore, developing various professions and service networks is a necessity to prevent and sustain “health” within societies. Today, continuation of “health” turns out to be a demanding process which can only be achieved with a successful team work. Given this in hand, new professional areas were developed parallel to healthcare  sector and it is obvious that the changing and varying demands will increase this diversity in future. The major determinants of health services are; infrastructure, technology, and above all, the competency of human resources in the sector. In the light of this, the first department founded in Faculty of Health Sciences is “Department of Health Institutions Management”.  Department of Health Management  is designed as a bachelor degree program which lasts in four academic years. Our second department "Nursing" will accept students in the 2014-2015 academic year. Following this, Izmir University of Economics is elaborating on the foundation of new bachelor degree programs such as " Nutrition and Dietetic" and “Physical Therapy and Rehabilitation” ;since our university knows the importance and necessity of collaboration among various disciplines for an adequate healthcare service.

    Faculty of Health Sciences aims to graduate students who;

    • Are able to compete both in national and international arenas,
    • Hold adequate technical knowledge and required competences for the development of public health,
    • Are able to analyse and understand the technical, scientific, social and economic changes of the society,
    • Are willing to complete all tasks given within the limits of ethical responsibility,
    • Have the ability to work in teams with colleagues from various disciplines,
    • Are willing to search,
    • Have respect for the universal human rights,
    • Are able to criticize,

    The education program of the Faculty of Health Sciences is designed as a student oriented program. Moreover the whole program fulfills the requirement of Council of Higher Education Competency Criteria, International Accreditation Benchmarks Competencies in Health Services. The education program contains courses for both major fields of the profession and basic sciences. The students are enabled to prepare for their professional future through theoretical and practical courses, internship programs, field studies, seminars, conferences and final projects. Majority of these processes are carried out in the contractual health institutions of our university under the supervision of registered academicians.

    Principally, Faculty of Health Sciences aims to confer an education which is enriched with internationally accredited course programs, various types of scholarships, and a supporting environment for intercultural communication through student exchange programs with its experienced and prominent academic team.

As the domestic policy of the Ottoman Empire, “Chamber of Commerce” was established in 1885 in İzmir, the trade city of the centuries. This establishment was first beneficial for the tradesmen. However, it could not be active in long wars and occupation period. Positive works increased in Republic period. İzmir Chamber of Commerce strengthened its long-standing structure and became the leading non-governmental organization of Turkey. For now, it has 55 thousand active 85 thousand inactive members. İzmir Chamber of Commerce has always been the symbol of innovations and changes since İzmir Economics Congress in 1923 in which Atatürk was also present. İzmir Chamber of Commerce which has always increased its incomes for over a century has established “İzmir Chamber of Commerce Foundation for Encouragement of Social Assistance” with the leadership of Ekrem Demirtaş in 1988. Among its aims was “opening private universities in order to educate the young people to serve for the economics of the country.” The basis of this aim was the item in 1923 İzmir Economics Congress which said “Schools for economics education should be established, executed and supported by the chambers of commerce in big cities that are trade centers.”

The Foundation that survives with the support of the benefactors in İzmir has supported many students by opening primary school buildings, İzmir Chamber of Commerce Foundation Industry Vocational High School and vocational courses. The Foundation that also serves in health sector has established İzmir Chamber of Commerce Süleyman Taştekin Eşrefpaşa Clinic. However, the foundation university that İzmir was looking forward could be established in 2001. The support of İzmir Chamber of Commerce and Foundation has the biggest role in the success of İzmir University of Economics from the very first academic year to today.

After the establishment of the first foundation university Bilkent in Ankara in accordance with the 130th item of the Constitution, in February 15, 1990 İzmir Chamber of Commerce Foundation for Encouragement of Social Assistance President Ekrem Demirtaş said “We will establish a university with foreign medium of education.” Because with the amendments in Higher Education Law numbered 2547 the Regulations of Higher Education Institutions that came into effect by being published in the official gazette dated April 10, 1991 and numbered 20841 let establishing a foundation university. Hereupon, Ekrem Demirtaş, the chairman of the board of directors of the foundation that changed its name into İzmir Chamber of Commerce Health and Education Foundation” announced that they would establish an economics university in November 17, 1999.

After that, bureaucratic and legal procedures began. The works became more intensive when İzmir Chamber of Commerce Board of Directors fully supported the Founder Board of Directors. However, there was a problem, the place to establish the university could not be found. In the meantime, in the meeting of Privatization High Commission dated November 14, 2000 numbered 2000/83it was decided to establish İzmir University of Economics in Sümer Conglomerate area with 160 000 m² in Halkapınar which was losing money. This decision was precluded by the bureaucrats in İzmir, the trade unions, Law on the Protection of Natural Heritage, Chamber of Architects and some political party members. The Nazilli Chintz Factory which was in the same decision was assigned to Adnan Menderes University without problem.

The founders worked day and night, looked for alternative places and the University was established officially with 2 faculties, 5 vocational schools, and 2 institutes with the Law numbered 4633 published in official gazette numbered 24373 dated April 14, 2001. The date that the legislation was enacted is being celebrated as the foundation date of the university. Meanwhile, after some researches with the proposal of Metropolitan Mayor Ahmet Piriştina the university was decided to be established on July 01, 2001 in Grand plaza hotel which was abandoned for nine years. The bureaucratic procedures and hard amendment works against time were completed. There were 288 students in the first year in the conference hall, classes, office rooms, restaurant, cafeterias, student dormitory and main building that was completed in three months. With the beginning of the courses on Monday, October 22, 2001 and the official opening ceremony on Friday, October 26, 2001 9th President of Republic Süleyman Demirel gave the first lesson.

Campus Settlement

In 4 different blocks at the campus area there are various classrooms with every kind of visual, audio appliances. There are also some ateliers and laboratories such as;

Computer Laboratories,

CAD Laboratories,

Sewing Atelier,

Electronics Laboratory,

Industrial Design Hand Tools Atelier,

Industrial Design Model Atelier,

Photography Studio,

Graphics Design Laboratory,

Mould Sewing Atelier,

MAC Laboratories,

Microprocessor Laboratory,

Fashion Design Studio,

Translation and Interpretation Laboratory,

Psychology Laboratories,

Radio Studio,

Painting Atelier,

Smart Class,

Silent Study Personal Access Center,

Video-Audio G Personal Access Center,

Self Access Center,

Simulation Laboratory,

Design Studios,

Textile Archive,

Textile Printing Atelier

The dormitory is located at the campus. There are also TV and Radio Stations in this building.

On campus there are sports areas, dance halls, and football and basketball fields. There are restaurants and cafeterias run by Firuz Catering. Dormitory building is also located on campus.  Additionally, there is a place where students can have their meals and there is Sir Winston Tea House on campus area. There is Bioderm Beauty Center and Bioderm market in the main building.

Other areas in the existing buildings can be listed as; conference halls, reading room and library, kitchen, infirmary, canteens and dormitory.

• Breakfasts and meals are provided as table d`hote or a la carte from the restaurant in the main building and dormitory building.

• The students staying in the dormitory can benefit from the Medical Office of the University in the daytime, and the general hospital or other policlinics nearby at night. In addition, there is near by Dokuz Eylül University Hospital.

• Around the campus, there is 5M Migros, Özdilek, Kipa hypermarkets, and Agora, Palmiye, Ege Park shopping and cinema centers.

• For sports, there is a basketball field  at the campus.

• The “Dormitory Bylaws” in our web site must be read for detail infomation.

• The dormitory registration for our early students is in June; the dormitory registration for our new students is in September.

• 2014-2015 dormitory fees: Per capita in double room is 10.850 Turkish Liras (VAT included-Annual)

Health and Counseling Services

The IUE has a doctor and a nurse on call 24/7 to provide medical services. Counselling and psychological services are also available to enhance the mental, psychological and social development and well-being of our students. Students should seek help within the existing medical services at the University except for emergency situations.

Psychological consultancy and support for students are provided by Psychological Development and Counselling Center (PDCC).Our clinical psychiatrist working within the body of this center makes interviews with students in weekdays from 08.30 to 18.00. the interviews are executed by weekly sessions and based on a particular system.

All the interviews are made in the framework of ethical principles and stick to secrecy principle. Applying to PDCC and working in here is voluntarily.

Sport Teams

We have basketball and volleyball fields and tennis courts on our campus. Student clubs for various sports activities such as Bicycling, Mountain Climbing and Trekking, Underwater, Sailing, Table Tennis, and Motor Sports are available. There are also Water Polo, American Football, Men’s-Women’s Tennis, Basketball, and Volleyball teams available all year long with experienced trainers at the University. 






Student Clubs

The student clubs, increasing each year in our university, not only contribute to the development of our university with their social activities and important organizations, they also protect the prestige and mission. Because of this reason, Student and Corporate Activities Directorate see it as their own responsibility to help and support the activities of the students financially and morally. The IUE Student Clubs, which get a lot of press, accentuate social and active face of our university as well as high quality education. They display the social aspect of our university in a best way.

Taking part in Student Clubs not only helps students to have active and social status in education life but it also helps students achieve prestige when they enter business life. 
Student Clubs are established within the 4 week period of each Academic Year.

In order to establish a new student club, a letter of application explaining the purpose of the club should be submitted to the Student and Corporate Activities Directorate.

After the letter of application is approved and the necessary forms are filled, the club is officially established in that Academic Year.

You can have detailed information about IUE Student Clubs at the below link on IUE Student Clubs Regulations

General Services


Izmir University of Economics campus is located in İzmir Balçova district, Teleferik locality. Since the campus is close to the city centre, transportation is easily accessible. The following public busses have routes that run in front of the main entrance to the campus:

169 Konak (in front of the Metro),

969 Balçova (from Fahrettin Altay Transfer Centre and F.Altay  Metro exit,

Also, students taking the ferry from Karşıyaka Bostanlı port to arrive at İnciraltı port can take the ring bus line 480 and reach school that way.

It is also possible to reach more destinations via Transfer Centres.

Banking Services

ING BANK, AKBANK, Vakıf Bank, Deniz Bank, and Türkiye İş Bankası ATM machines are available on campus to provide 24-hour service. Also, the branches of many banks are in close proximity of the campus.

Communication Services

Students can communicate via internet or telephone at any hour of the day on campus.

Sports Facilities

There are sports fields at our university for students such as football, basketball fields. Besides, there are student clubs in various sports like volleyball, basketball, sailing, table tennis, underwater, mountaineering and trekking, Far East sports and motor sports.

The university has:

1 basketball field,

Indoors basketball/volleyball courts for common usage,

2 indoors dance/ yoga/Pilates rooms.

Tennis court


There is a student dormitory building which can accommodate 480 people on campus. Each of the double occupancy rooms includes the following amenities:



Air conditioner,

Hot water round the clock,

Daily cleaning service,

Mini refrigerator,

Internet connection,


Study Table,

Table Lamp,



Dormitory students also benefit from the below services:

Health Centre

Beauty Centre



Winter Garden

Study Halls

Dance Hall

TV Studio

Radio Studio

Being only 1 km away from movie theatres, shopping centres, entertainment and health centres, the dormitory provides additional benefits to the students.

Disability Support Centre

This centre is established to support İzmir University of Economics students with special needs during their education on campus and to allow them to continue their academic studies with similar conditions that are provided for other students. Students who are physically handicapped, hearing impaired, visually handicapped and students with hyperactivity disorder, dyslexia, epilepsy and diabetes can benefit from this centre. Students who have a disability that may hinder their academic or social life at İzmir University of Economics can refer to Student and Corporate Activities Directorate, Disability Support Centre.

Health Services

İzmir University of Economics has a doctor and a nurse on call to provide medical services. In addition to this, a specialized psychologist provides counselling and psychological services to enhance mental and social development of our students.

Academic Advising

An “Advisor”, among the respective lecturers, is appointed by the University for students who begin first grade.

Academic advisors provide academic guidance for students on course selections and academic matters.

Also, during the period that the students make their university preferences, preference guidance service is provided by the University via guidance counsellors off campus due to huge demand.

Career Guidance Centre

Among the duties of the Career Guidance Centre is to create a career consciousness among students by introducing them to the business life and to provide them with the opportunity to plan their future during their education.

The University organizes "Career Days" each year during spring semester. Career Days help the students to get to know the business life. It creates a direct communication opportunity between the institutions in either private sector or public sector and the students. The participating institutions also have the chance to meet potential employees on the spot.

Thanks to the Career Days, the students know the institutions themselves and they are able to decide in which sector, institution, or profession they will use their theoretical knowledge given in the courses. Besides, the speakers, in the Personal Development Seminars, share their experiences in business life with the students and enable them to know the business life better. Also, the Human Resources Managers from various sectors explain the recruitment process and provide pretend job interviews for the students in order for them to be successful in the first and most exciting step of the recruitment process.

Internship Opportunities

All the students in undergraduate programs of the University have to complete their internship in the given periods. Announcements of the institutions requesting interns from our University are also shared with the students.

Alumni Association

İzmir University of Economics Alumni Association was established on October 11, 2004 and is run by in accordance with the Associations Law. The Association has an office at the İzmir University of Economics campus. The number of members increases as the students graduate from IUE.

The Association organizes various social, cultural, sports, artistic, professional and scientific activities to provide the continuation of the relation between The University and the alumni. It aims to help alumni with planning their careers and contribute to their lives after graduation.

The graduates can register to the Association via http://www.ieumezunder.org/ address on the web page for Alumni Association


The main duty of Embryonix, established within the University, is to provide our students to gain business experiences during their school life, and to provide the new graduates the opportunity to put their ideas/projects into practice.

Student Clubs

Many different clubs are available at the university in order to contribute to the social development of the students. These clubs continue their activities intensively.

Dining and Shopping Facilities

Along with the shopping malls such as Agora, Kipa, Migros, Özdilek, Palmiye and Tansaş, that are in close proximity to the campus, our campus is only 1-3 km away from İnciraltı Youth Centre, where there are movie theatres, theatres, sports fields, restaurants and cafes located. Both Agora and Balçova Kipa runs student shuttles in fall, winter, and spring semesters.

There are also cafes and restaurants on campus run by Firuz Catering as well as Starbucks, Sir Winston Tea, Offiser stationary shop, Bio-Derm Beauty Centre, and a market run by Bio-Derm.

Office of International Affairs

“The Office of International Affairs works to develop the collaborations between international institutions and organizations and the University; increase the number of foreign national students at the University in order to create an international education and training environment with the intention of meeting the goals of İzmir University of Economics on becoming a “World University”.  The Office carries out its activities in order to implement the goals regarding “Internationalization”, one of the most significant goals of IUE stated in the Strategic Plan. The Office works to increase the international participation in the courses and programs offered by IUE; develop student exchange between IUE and universities abroad; coordinate the admissions of international students, and increase the number of international academic and professional organizations.”

Izmir University of Economics is a member of many international organizations such as IAU (International Association of Universities), EUA (European University Association), NICE Network, Magna Charta Universitatum, CMU, WTO (World Tourism Organization) and CEEMAN. At our university, you will be taking internationally standardized courses given by academicians who received their degrees from the most prestigious universities in Turkey and abroad.

One of the most important decisions, which will shape your future, is your choice of university. The university you are going to choose is the place where you will be equipped with the knowledge, vision of the world and education you need in order to turn your young dreams into reality; in other words, your happy future.
University is not only a place where you acquire the professional knowledge and training required for your future but also a universal institution where you get to learn how to take a brave stand against life and to go after your dreams, and to get the necessary knowledge for a better life.
Izmir University of Economics is here in the World City Izmir, one of the most beautiful cities of our country and the Mediterranean, to offer you a new vision and the education you need to fulfill your dreams.


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