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INSA Business
Master in Business Communication
Barcelona, Spain
Foundation date - 1984
Cost (Local) - $ 8.65k
Cost (Foreign) - $ 8.65k
On campus form of training
Languages of instruction - English
StudyQA ranking - 1109pts
Duration - 1 year
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This degree combining marketing, advertising and public relations introduces our students to the reality of professional world through an exciting job placement programme, at the same time as it provides them with sound and broad foundation necessary to successfully perform as future professionals in business communication.

  • Itakes: February and October
  • Duration: 1 year
  • Modality: Campus attendance
  • Place: Barcelona
  • Language: Inglés
  • Price: 7.400 €
  • Schedule Monday to Thursday 19h to 22h


  • Offer a robust foundation in the following areas: marketing, advertising, public relations, business and new communication technologies.
  • To develop analytical, decision-making and teamwork skills in order to provide the Communications area with highly skilled professionals with initiative, able to assume successfully the managerial responsibility.


  • Graduates and professionals who wish to expand their employment horizons.
  • Experienced professionals who want to take on new tasks and responsibilities.
  • Companies seeking staff training.
  • Graduates in Vocational Training and Higher Education in area business seeking practical preparation to enter the workforce.

Professional outings

The main professional exits, among others, are:

  • Strategic Director
  • Communication Director
  • Administrative Manager
  • Department Head

INSA offer the possibility to make an internship in companies during the course.

Evaluation and Accrediation

The evaluation system is based on continuous assessment of each block of study, through class attendance and / or examination. The student must have passed each subject independently. In addition, the student must have earned a minimum grade stipulated in the Business Plan.

Having successfully passed the evaluations and with the minimum attendance required, the student get a diploma in Master in Business Communication of INSA Business, Marketing & Communication School.