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Professional internships for students, recent graduates and specialists all over the world

It is quite complicated for students and recent graduates to realize, which exact profession is the best for them to choose, where to find the true employer, and how to get the work experience for the better career offer. In order to save the time and power, increase the chances for lucky employment and follow your university major in the profession, you should start with the internship program.

Use of internship abroad

Internship abroad is popular enough with the USA, UK, Australian and Japanese students and graduates because of their type of mentality. It is important for them to travel around the world and spend time and money wisely. At the same time, it is the tool for gaining the work experience,  CV improvement and earning money sometimes. 

The choose of a paid or unpaid program depends on the personal goal. Sometimes it is possible to earn from 100 up to 1800 USD per month under condition of short-term contract (2 to 12 months) of full-time work.

The use of internship for participants:

  • Accomplishing simple tasks, an intern learn more about the specific features of the profession, the stuff duties, the way of the departments arrangement and their workers interaction, gain the relevant work experience and competitive edge and increase the chances for successful employment in the future;
  • The knowledge of the main principles of business ethics and communication, and such valuable traits of character as executiveness, responsibility and accuracy;
  • Chance to try the exact field of industry or position without heavy responsibilities. Sometimes it is hard to imagine the best field for professional development, and sometimes the expectation are doubtful because of pitfalls of the position like low salary, lack of artificial aspect in the work, no chances for promotion etc. As a matter of fact, the internship reveals the real things and perspectives of the companies of industries;
  • Learning the applied skills in the real circumstances instead of auditory, which you can use immediately, as  employers value time and spend it in the most effective way;
  • Good chance to combine the professional growth and having fun abroad far away from home and other accustomed things.

Paid internships abroad

Basically, the salary depends on the company you take the internship in and the position. Besides, you must distinct the real purpose of the employer to post the vacancy, here are the most popular ones:

  • To boost solving the company’s operational tasks. It is typical for high-season, when the need to open the intern position caused by overload of stuff of the international company. In this case, participation is free, the salary can be up to 500 USD;
  • Some companies must recruit young specialists several times per year because of the legislation. Hereupon, intern is a full-time position, consider to be officially registered in the company. It is likely to be well-paid in average amount of 1000-1500 USD, but further employment and promotion cannot be guaranteed;
  • To change the stuff with talented and ambitious youth from all over the world to use new ideas, live up the stuff, boost results, change the company’s conception and bring it to the new level. Based on this point, an international company seeks those intern, who competes the post, and offer the best conditions for him or her - they are high salary, promotional perspectives.

Thus, attractive positions for students and young specialists are quite limited and highly competed, that is why very few are lucky to win the prize and placement in an international company for the internship.

The majority of employers in the commercial field offer the internship placement as a type of paid service, as universities sell their higher education programs. These employers deal with inexperience, language barrier, explain and mentor the process, draw up teaching plan, do not expect any benefit from the intern. That is why the internship program is unpaid and arranged on a paid basis.

How to apply for internship abroad

There are several crucial points you should take into account when choose the program:

  • First of all, the legislation of the country you plan to go to. Type of visa and its requirement is a key factor for making decision on the particular program. Some countries require student visa only, they are the USA, the UK, Australia, France, Spain. Therefore, none but students and recent graduates (no more than 24 months since graduation date) are welcomed for the internship programs there;
  • Age of 18 and above;
  • Level of education;
  • Education sector means that only relevant education is required to apply to one of professional program;
  • Good English level or the national language where applied (e.g. Spanish for Spain and French for France);
  • Work experience.

Which country choose to practice in international company

StudyQA researched the most popular inquiries for the internship abroad and classified the destination points, based on the purpose of interns for their trip:

Earn money

  • China, 
  • Maldives, 
  • United Arab Emirates (UAE), 
  • Australia, 
  • USA, 
  • Bulgaria, 
  • France,- 

there are the vacancies with minimum requirements for interns and good salary.

Go abroad cheaply

  • AuPair,
  • Education field,-

the particular category of the internship program with the participation cost no more than 300 USD.

Valuable work experience to boost CV

  • UK,
  • Australia,-

there are totally customized  programs with personal training plan. The internship results in project as good achievement.

Move abroad

  • Canada-

as a visa type favors employment, full-time work and residence permit.

Travel around the country

  • USA -

as it is stated for visa, an intern has 30 days for travelling around the US, once 12-month contract ends. In a contrast, other countries issue the visa only for the period of internship.

Relax abroad near the sea and take sun baths

  • Spain,
  • Australia
  • Mauritius,
  • Malta - 

these countries offers professional programs, they are unpaid mostly;

  • Hospitality programs - 

as the majority of hotels are located near the coastline of ocean or sea, they are paid programs.

Improve English level and gain work experience

  • AuPair - 

as one of the program requirement is attendance of foreign language courses, which can be paid by host family.

  • Malta - 

as one of the cheapest points for studying English with natives; apart from big amount of language schools, there is a lot of local and international companies in Malta, ready to accept interns.

Professional internships for students, recent graduates and specialists all over the world
How we work
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Select one interested internship program and click “Book now!”
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Fill in the application form. We reach out you within 24 hours.
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We agree on the the interview time to evaluate your English level skills and learn more about your wishes towards the program and the employer.
Step 4
The manager of the chosen field selects the suitable programs for you in accordance with your wishes and the skills level.
Step 5
Right after you decide on the program, the manager helps you to write a motivation letter and prepare all the papers for potential employer.
Step 6
Once you have got the program invitation, it is the time to start visa processing. Your manager clarifies all the issues about the visa.
Step 7
Book the flights and housing (if it is not included to the program costs).
Step 8
Start your internship abroad and get new knowledge, experience, meetings and impressions!