Hospitality and Tourism Management

Professional internships in the hotel industry and tourism

Internship and practice in a hotel abroad for students and young professionals is a good chance to get work experience in a real circumstances. All hotels are located in touristic places, so interns can explore new cities at the same time.

Paid hospitality internship abroad

As tourist flow and need for shelter abroad increase more and more, hotel owners should attract more personnel to their business to meet market requirements, thus, they offer paid intern positions all over the world. Employers train their freshers in the framework of corporate culture and work standards during several days or weeks. Then, practicant becomes full stuff, work on equal terms with others and provide wellbeing stay for hotel guests. This work experience helps for professional development in the field of hotel and restaurant business.

Requirements for tourist interns

Students and graduates of relevant department can take an internship abroad (e.g. they are tourism, hospitality and management departments). In this case independent positions and tasks are offered to them that helps to build your career in international hospitality business.
Students and graduates of other departments are welcomed for participation as well, but the choice of exact position depends on their work experience and English level.
Basic requirements are the following:

  • age of 18;
  • good spoken English level (intermediate and upper);
  • work experience is desirable (sometimes minimum term is stated);
  • specific skills for higher positions (e.g. knowledge of booking apps).

Intern positions in hotels

The most suitable vacancy is han-picked for each candidate, depending on his or her profile:

  • waiter;
  • food and beverage department servant;
  • central office manager;
  • guest relation manager;
  • event manager;
  • sommelier;
  • marketing manager;
  • SPA & wellness manager;
  • booking department manager.

Salary for hospitality intern

Salary depends on the position directly. Young inexperienced interns can be treated with the salary of 150-600 USD per month, while experienced ones - 500-2000 USD per month.
Sometimes it is legislation-stated salary as the final amount set up in accordance with the minimum rate per hour and week workload. For example, in the USA it is 9 - 13 USD/hour.

Hospitality internships in tourist agencies

Unlikely hotel-employer vacancies, tourist agency ones are supposed to be more attractive. It is seasonal massive (from 50 people) recruitment, all positions offer full-supply , including flights in two ways, housing, meals and salary of 500 -100 USD.
However, this type of contract can be not so beneficial as it seemed to be at first glance:
placement can be not in a hotel itself, but in tourist agency office abroad so this work experience cannot be scored as relevant one for further development in the hospitality industry;
interns exercise simple tasks, which do not correspond with professional training;
once the contract completed, there is no chance to prolong the contract; the need of awaiting another high season or moving to another country to the same position is highly possible.
Thereby, vacancies of tour operators abroad is an apt variant for those who seek financial benefit insteaв of  professional development.

How to quickly and legally go for hospitality internship 

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