Professional internship programs in Armenia for students, graduates

Armenia is a country in Transcaucasia with unique features: nature, culture, nationality and religion. Armenia is a developing and emerging country. Here you can find many different organizations that organize volunteer projects and summer internships for young people in various fields. Regardless of your activities, you will feel valuable in this country. In Armenia, every specialist in their field is respected. As an intern, you can immerse yourself in the workflow under the guidance of an experienced mentor in real time. Thanks to the individual approach of the mentor and comprehensive support, you will have the opportunity to gain knowledge and skills in those areas with which you are still not very familiar.

The most popular internship areas in Armenia are:

  • Architecture and graphic design;
  • The photo;
  • Journalism;
  • Medicine, dentistry, healthcare;
  • IT and computer science;
  • Hotel business and tourism;
  • Social work;
  • Business management;
  • Economy;
  • PR and marketing;
  • Jurisprudence / human rights.

Preference is given to candidates who have higher education and work experience.

Basic requirements for interns:

  • Age 18 and older;
  • Good level of English proficiency;
  • Higher education diploma in internship or related specialty;
  • Work experience and knowledge of a second foreign language are welcome;
  • A quality accompanying letter that will help to interest the employer;
  • Information on who has already graduated from a university.

How to go for an internship in Armenia

To search for professional internships, you should search job sites. Or search the websites of companies located in Armenia. You need to send your resume and letters of recommendation from employers or professors to the organization in which you want to work. If you meet the formal requirements, you will be scheduled for an interview. It takes place online in Skype in Russian or English.

Upon successful completion of the interview, you will be sent an employment contract, which you will need to obtain a work visa. In addition to the contract, you will also need to provide:

  • Russian passport for citizens of the Russian Federation, a foreign passport for interns from other countries;
  • 2 photos 3,5x4,5;
  • 2 completed and signed copies of the questionnaire;
  • Medical insurance and the results of a medical examination to identify dangerous infectious diseases;
  • Document confirming specialized education and qualifications;
  • The official invitation to work.
  • Consular visa fee.

If you want to save time on finding an internship program or find an internship with learning English, then you should contact a professional agency. There you will be selected a company with a suitable vacancy, they will help to collect and execute all the necessary documents, prepare for an interview and get a visa.

Training internships for students and recent graduates: duration and cost of programs

Internships in Armenia last from 2 weeks to several months. After the internship, there is always the opportunity to negotiate with the employer and extend the work contract. The number of working days per week depends on the internship program, employer and specialty. Their number is prescribed in the employment contract, as well as the number of days off, salary and various privileges, such as bonuses, additional training, etc. Internships themselves are rarely paid, but all the opportunities are provided for the intern to get as many practical skills as possible.

The cost of the program depends on the company, specialty, duration and duration of the practice. The average cost of a monthly internship is about $ 1000. Also remember the additional costs: air travel, visa fees, registration of a health insurance policy for the required period, food. This is usually paid by the intern, not the employer. Employers sometimes provide interns with housing, but this does not always happen, so pay attention to the cost of rent in the city where you intend to work.

How to quickly and legally go for an internship in Armenia

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