Professional internships in France for students and professionals

Internships in France for students and recent graduates are in great demand in the foreign education market. Therefore, the StudyQA team gathered in one place all the opportunities that will help you independently find and go on an internship in France.

Internships in France for students

In France, there are a huge number of educational internships for students, the main purpose of which is to provide foreign applicants the opportunity to learn French and gain professional experience. The most popular are internships in the field of tourism, hospitality, fashion and medicine. In France, there is a fixed remuneration for students, so each trainee will receive a salary of 30% of the subsistence minimum.

How to find internships in France

Despite the language barrier, internships in France can be found independently. First of all, you need to pay attention to the “Campus France” site. This organization promotes higher education and encourages talented foreign students to continue their studies at French universities. They often offer free undergraduate programmes with optimal requirements. Etudiant, a leader among French internship companies, will also be useful. Useful offers and profitable educational programs in France are also presented on the StudyQA platform. Here you can find internships in hotels, and programmes on the Cote d'Azur, and even AuPair. If there is no desire to contact the agencies, then it is worth familiarizing yourself with the educational programmes of large companies whose main offices are located in France. Internship offers are often posted by organizations such as L’Oreal, Total and Société Générale. Such firms themselves seek housing for trainees, and offer jobs up to 12 weeks.

One of the most popular programs is an internship at the National School of Administration (ENA). Civil servants with three years of experience can take part in a continuing education programme and undergo short-term training at the National School of Administration in France. Applicants must not be over 45 years old. Such an opportunity is fully paid, since the Government also covers living expenses.

Language internships in France

Today, the most popular programmes are language internships, which provide an opportunity not only to gain work experience, but also to immerse yourself in the national culture. They are convenient in that they allow students to study and work at the same time. This option is suitable for young people aged 18 to 25 years. If you are looking for just such an option, then CIEE can help you with the choice. 

The organization is engaged in the exchange of trainees from different countries and offers a large selection of different directions.

A prerequisite for language internships is knowledge of the French language. You can check your level by contacting the DELF-DALF centers, where you will need to pass an examination interview. Language internships can also combine language learning in the morning and childcare in the afternoon. The minimum course of such programmes is 16 weeks.

How to go on an internship in France

If you have successfully passed the language exam, then the next step will be to send an official request to the desired company. If the application is approved, a fellowship should be requested from the host state.

Scholarships can be either full or partial, but most often the organization covers all your expenses and the internship becomes completely free for you. In such programmes, as a rule, you can participate from 2 months to one year. After receiving a contract from the employer, you must apply for a visa. Most often, by agreement of the applicant and the organization is extended on the spot.

A long-term visa is issued if the internship period exceeds 90 days. To obtain a visa, you must provide identity documents and an internship agreement in French. Also, you need to confirm the availability of the equivalent amount of the basic monthly allowance of 615 euros.

If you are going to an internship at a hotel, the host will provide you with room and cover the cost of food. At internships in Paris, Lyon or Bordeaux, students are offered a choice of 2 types of accommodation: in a student residence or in a family. The student residences have everything you need for a comfortable stay: upholstered furniture, a workplace and a kitchen.

An application for on internship can be submitted year-round, basically, applications are accepted from September to November. Count the time for filing applications and paperwork, usually it takes from 2 to 6 months, depending on the specific programme.

Internship in France: basic requirements

A mandatory requirement is compliance with age restrictions. Each programme has individual requirements.

As a general rule, your age should be between 16 and 35 years old. To pass paid internships, you need to know both French and English, the level of knowledge of languages is confirmed by a certificate.

Large companies before starting work with an intern require a test or a test period. To get started, you will need to open an account in euros and a bank card. Applicants need to collect two sets of documents: a long-term student visa application form, an OFII form, an invitation from the university, a check for payment of Campus France fees.

How to get an internship

If we were able to interest you with information about practical training in the country of cheeses and winemaking, we suggest leaving contact details by filling out a feedback form and our specialists will help you apply. StudyQA service offers more than 10 training programs in France and guarantees its customers reliability and assistance with design issues.

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