Professional internships in Montenegro for students and professionals

Montenegro is a small country in southeastern Europe with a rapidly developing economy. The country is not the member of the EU, but they is the opportunity to join. After the collapse, the country's economy began to grow sharply due to tourism. Tourists come to Montenegro both in summer and winter. Nevertheless, there is a shortage of labor in Montenegro due to the demographic crisis. It is one of the reason why internship programs are being created there - to attract foreign workers.

There is no local production in the country, therefore, the most popular specialties for internships are English teachers, accountants and economists, managers who speak Russian, Montenegrin and English, doctors, and tourism workers.

The official languages in Montenegro ​​are Montenegrin and Serbian, but many people speak English and even Russian quite well.

Basic requirements for interns in Montenegro are:

  • Age from 18;
  • Student or graduate of relevant department;
  • Knowledge of English or Montenegrin language;
  • CV.

Preference is given to specialists who have the professional knowledge and skills. In some field knowledge of the Montenegrin language is a must.

How to easily and legally go for an internship in Montenegro

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