Professional internship programs in Spain for students, graduates

Paid internship in Spain is a dream of many students, who desire to visit this developed European country and built international career there. Today it is more than realistic.There are dozens of vacancies for international students in Spanish resorts like Granada, Tenerife, Ibiza, Menorca, Mallorca, Valence, Barcelona and Madrid. Spain attracts its visitors by warm climate, charm, developed infrastructure and good economy. 

It is difficult for young specialists to find well-paid job. Besides, expectations of lifestyle in the European country can be wrong, and you do not feel comfortable in Spain. That is why professional intenship is a good way to find out all these issues for yourself. At the same time you can master the skills and learn more about the industry as intern. It is a really good start, moreover, diligent interns even can be granted with the job offer of the employer. As a result, they can move to Spain.

Main requirements for those ones who are interested in professional practice in Spain:

  • Age between 18 - 30;
  • Spanish - beginner level;
  • Good spoken English;
  • Motivation letter;
  • Student status or university diploma.

Here is the list of fields available for internship:

  • marketing;
  • economics, finance and international trade;
  • IT;
  • education;
  • design;
  • HR.

Communicative and purposeful candidates are prefered. 

Type of visa for internship in Spain

Summer is the best season for the trip, particularly for season-based fields like hospotality. However, you must apply to the program minimum 3 months before the desirable start date. Visa processing and other paperwork takes quite long period of time. In case of poor Spanish, applicantы have to master it before the trip as well.

As for students, here is third-sided agreement between the employer, university and student himself, which is the main document fof visa issuance. For programs lasted up to 3 months, С-visa is required. As for internship of longer duration, you should obtain D-visa. They are visas for study practice only, it is illegal to work, according to them. Besides, study visa requires to have the bank account of no less than 5500 EUR or sponsorship letter from the parents, who cover all the expencies for the trip.

Once you complete the study practice in Spain, you are granted with certificate, which is useful for employment not only abroad, but also in your homeland.

Key info of Spanish internships


On average, interns work from 20 to 40 hours per week that determines the exact amount of salary - 100-300 EUR/month, if it is a paid program. Mostly, unpaid programs are in very specific fields like engineering, architecture, politics etc. 


The most popular with foreign students fields are hospitality, beauty-industry, restaurant business, education. Students of hospitality department and tourism should pay their attention to Canary Island as a destination point for the internship program. There is a lot of hotels, their owners are glad to employ the interns all year-round. Apart from salary, housing and meals are also provided by employer for free.

Interns of other fields live in dormitories, hosted families oк rented apartments, the choice depend on the preferences. Sometimes an employer covers expenses for housing, but if you need to take Spanish courses before the internship, you pays for housing for these additional weeks by yourself. Its average cost starts from 300 EUR/month.

Cost of Spanish internship

Internship in Spain free of charge is quite seldom offer. The participation cost depends on such factors as field, duraton, service fee. Average cost of 3-month internship program makes 600-1200 EUR. Flights, visa fee, insurance are paid additionally.

How to quickly and legally go for Spanish internship 

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