Professional internships in Thailand for students and professionals

Thailand is one of the most popular resorts in Asia due to the favorable combination of exotic nature, culture and cheap prices for tourists. In the first half of 2019 alone, nearly 20 million tourists visited Thailand.

Tourism accounts huge part of the state budget revenues, therefore, the authorities create all conditions for a comfortable stay of foreigners, development of entertainment opportunities and services. Therefore, the most profitable.

Popular jobs for trainees in Thailand

Hospitality Programs in Thailand

The hotel business ranks first among job offers. Recruitment for internships is conducted year-round, thanks to the mild climate, which allows tourists to relax by the sea in any season.

The range of vacancies in the hotel business is wide, so everyone who wants to participate in the internship program in Thailand will be able to find a vacancy for their level of ability - work experience and English.

Professional internships in Thailand

Accommodation is provided in absolutely any field that is somehow related to tourism: departments of companies for receiving tourists, organizing trips and excursions, escorting foreigners, counseling and assistance. For example, these are the vacancies of a guide, a tourist attraction manager, a diving instructor, etc.

Cost of participation in an internship in Thailand

Since it is initially assumed that the intern does not have work experience and is looking for temporary employment and new foreign knowledge, the employer offers conditions that are slightly different from the conditions of permanent work in the company’s staff:

  • first of all, the trainee pays the prescribed amount for training, the employer is ready to train the trainee, spend the time of his employees on checking the results and monitoring the tasks;
  • secondly, the price includes a minimum fee for accommodation and meals (as stated in programs in hotels, for example), this price is ten times different from the market price for accommodation abroad and can be up to 5 USD per day; as for professional programs that are NOT based on hotels, the cost of housing will be higher and amount to 100-150 USD per week - good housing with a minimum price level in the resort area;
  • finally, the cost of an internship sometimes includes assistance with finding the right program, recommendations for writing a resume, a letter of motivation, compiling a portfolio and passing an interview, as well as preparing all the necessary papers for applying for and receiving a visa; if the trainee is confident in his ability to draw up documents on his own, then you can not resort to the help of specialized agencies.

How to find an internship in Thailand

If you do not know where to start, we are ready to help with paperwork, preparation of the necessary letters of recommendation and preparation of the application. StudyQA service is ready to offer several internship programs in various fields and areas. Fill out the form on the site and wait for the call back.

They can be positions in hotels for working with guests, departments of external relations, marketing, events and sales, in spa complexes.

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