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Professional internships in UK for students, graduates

Many students from all over the world dreams about the opportunity to have professional internship in the United Kindom. It is quite realistic to spend several months in the UK, practicing English language and gaining professional experience at the same time. Internship programs in the UK are open all year round and offer students various opportunities for self-development. It is possible to find the internship in every field of interest - architecture, journalism, accounting and finance, marketing, linguistics, law, HR, IT technology, business, art and many other areas. During the internship, each student gets acquainted with the corporate ethics of the company, receives the valuable work experience and communication skills, and also makes useful contacts. Besides, there is always the opportunity to travel on weekends all around Europe.

How to go for an internship in the UK

Once you decide to go for the internship program in the UK, you need to start searching for vacancies. You can do the search by yourself, spending your time, but saving money, or contact a special agency that helps to organize the trip and prepare all necessary documents.

Search the net for companies that offer internship options for foreign specialists, check the availability of vacancies you are interested in and the main requirements for candidates. In order to obtain the necessary information for applying for an internship, contact the responsible department of the company which you would like to take the internship in.

Next, write a resume, good motivation letter and prepare the recommendation letters from university professors.

If the employer is interested in your candidacy, then he will offer to schedule an interview. Then, you receive the official invitation for the internship, which is required to apply for visa sponsorship, and other documents.

UK Visa Sponsor

To take the UK internship, you need to go through the visa sponsorship procedure. When you go to the UK as a tourist, you take full responsibility for your expenses, including unforeseen ones.

However, in case of taking internship program, the conditions of your stay differs because of another purpose of the trip as you practice and work temporarily in a local company. Some countries accept interns only on a sponsorship basis (including the UK, USA and Australia). The sponsor is a local recognized company that is responsible for your stay and placement in the country and can approve your travel goal.

Very particular obligations are always imposed for the work with a visa sponsor- they are full pre-screening and maximum selectivity of candidates.

Basic requirements for an internship in the UK

Candidates must comply with ALL requirements for the participant, exceptions or deviations from the rules are not possible, because in this case visa sponsorship is impossible as well:

  • Any citizenship;
  • Age from 18 years;
  • Relevant education;
  • Student or graduate (no later than 12 months ago);
  • IELTS certificate from 6.0. or willingness to pass the test;
  • Booking is NOT LATE than 12 weeks before departure.

UK Internships for Students and Recent Graduates

All internships are unpaid as it is the standard condition for the UK visa sponsorship. Otherwise, it is the point to consider the program for legality. Part-time jobs during internships are also prohibited on visa requirements.

The cost of programs, as a rule, does not include payment for flights, accommodation, meals, insurance. The intern pays for these costs separately. Approximate living expenses in the UK:

  • Accommodation: Room in a shared house or flat: £120-200 per week;
  • Travel Card: Daily cap of up to £9.50 dependent on zones and time £47.30 for a 7-day travel card;
  • to reach zones 1-4;
  • Bus fare: Average £3 per day;
  • Weekly grocery shop: £25+ ;
  • Morning coffee: £2-4;
  • A pint of beer: £4-6;
  • Average eat-out meal: £10-15.

Internship cost and additional expenses

The program costs of one visa sponsor is the same for all internships. Visa fee of GBP 240 (pounds) and medical insurance are paid additionally.

Insurance Requirements:

  • validity for the entire internship period;
  • insurance coverage of at least $ 500,000 or equivalent;
  • must include a body deportation service (‘repatriation of remains’ or ‘return of mortal remains’).

This is a standard package of insurance services, you just need to make sure that it exactly matches all these points. If the candidate does not contact the sponsor visa within 60 days, the sponsor considers such an application as invalid and terminates the contract.

How to quickly and legally go on an internship in the UK

If you want to go on an internship abroad, but don’t know, how to find a company, collect all documents, fill out an application, etc., we are ready to help you with documents and a CV. We assist you to get recommendation letters, pass an interview on Skype and get the visa.

StudyQA offers  several programs in the UK. Fill in the application form on the website and we will call you back!

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