Internship for medical students and doctors in Israel

  • Duration - 1 week
  • Fees - $ 2.05 k
  • Salary - Unpaid
  • Country - Israel
  • City - Haifa
  • Industry - Human Medicine
$ 2.05 k fees
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Internship for medical students and doctors in Israel


It is well known that medicine in Israel is one of the best and most advanced in the world. We invite you to consider internships at the Rambam Medical Center, Haifa.

Rambam Hospital is:

  • 80 years of activity
  • Over 4800 employees
  • Over 1200 doctors
  • 36 branches
  • 40 medical institutes
  • More than 50,000 operations per year
  • 9 laboratories
  • Over 600,000 patients

Rambam is the clinical and academic base of Israel's leading Technion University of Medical Technology, which has three Nobel Prize winners in the Faculty of Medicine. These are professors Aron Chekhanover, Avraham Hershko and Irvin Rose, whose work has significantly expanded human knowledge in the field of oncology, cardiology and other areas of medical science, and also brought treatment in Israel to a new qualitative level.

All branches and all periods of the year are available. In all departments, except for the pediatric one, you will be able to train in Russian.

How is everything arranged?

  • Intern is attached to employee of the department/institute
  • He/she participates in the work of the department/institute
  • Oversees all research, manipulations, operations
  • The direct participation of a specialist-trainee is expected at all levels of patient management, participation in consultations, seminars, conferences

Curators support interns who come for internships not only during training, but also maintain personal contact after it.
Improvement of professional skills and knowledge is guaranteed!

  • Medical student of general medicine or dentistry, resident or doctor
  • For students: certificate from university,certificate of good conduct,vaccination certificate,letter of recommendation,motivation letter,insurance
  • For doctors: copy of diploma,certificate of good conduct,vaccination certificate

Depends on the program duration:

Start Date Application Deadline Duration Price
Every day Apply 12 weeks before the start date 1 week $ 2.05 k
Start Date:
Every day
Application deadline:
Apply 12 weeks before the start date
1 week
$ 2.05 k

The fees includes:

  • Certificate
  • master-classes
  • nutrition
  • insurance

Does not include:

  • accommodation
  • flight
Salary Extra
Unpaid -

We carefully investigate all current offers in order to pick out the only ones that can satisfy both your professional ambitions and personal preferences about the passtime.

All programs are customised to accurately unite your desires and the participation requirements!

WE guarantee the best price of any internship and double checked all providers!

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